Things I Will Probably Repeat Buy on Amazon for the Rest of My Life

best amazon products to buy



Over the last several months, I can confidently state that I have grown from a seasoned Amazon shopper into a borderline Amazon shopping expert. My penchant for shopping the site has evolved from solely relying on the platform to instantly order household necessities like cleaning wipes or toilet paper into uncovering hidden fashion gems, and now, into a one-stop-shop for well, everything

Perhaps the best part about shopping on Amazon, aside from the insightful product reviews, is the personalized efficiency. I can easily access my previous orders, and even better, I can re-order them with the click of a button. It’s like having a personal shopping assistant 24/7. Every time I’m stumped about that one product I bought that one time on Amazon, I can reference my account and find the item in a matter of moments—it’s almost too easy. From essential beauty products and home-enhancing goods to fashion pieces found in every color, I am continually clicking “re-order” on select products. Keep scrolling to discover which items I will undoubtedly be buying on repeat for the rest of my life, and maybe you will too.

This sweater comes in more than ten colors—check back in with me in about a month to see which colors I have so far.

This is hands down the best makeup remover I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot of them. 

My wellness rituals have undoubtedly expanded this year, and Mushroom Design's Daily Multivitamin—the first-ever mushroom multivitamin—has become my new go-to for immune support. 

Anyone else burning through candles at a rapid rate right now? 

I can't say enough positive things about this sunscreen; it is non-greasy, it doesn't smell, and it actually works. 

I recently moved from New York to Miami, therefore I have been replacing my leggings with shorts. After poking through hundreds of reviews, I finally bought these yoga shorts, and I am obsessed.

Beauty begins from within, and this vegan powder helps with gut health and digestion, resulting in healthy, glowing skin. I use this every single day and I have never felt more radiant. 

I have never met a hand sanitizer that has gotten more compliments on the scent than this one. 

And of course, with all of the hand washing and sanitizing, hand cream to relieve dry, cracked hands is essential. 

I'm convinced that no one goes through matcha faster than me. 

Made with only four organic ingredients—rhodiola rosea, matcha tea, beets, and maca—these are the perfect pick-me-ups. 

I was gifted this product years ago, and now it's something I simply cannot live without. 

Alert: you should not be using Windex on your computer (I know, I made the mistake, too). 

Can you tell I have been on a health kick lately? Made with simple, vegan, and organic ingredients (think turmeric, ashwagandha, ginger root, and tart cherry plant), this supplement helps with recovery and relaxation. 

From pilates grip socks to everyday tube socks, you can truly never have too many socks. 

If you aren't on the face mist train, it is time to climb aboard.

At-home hydration is essential. 

I grew up incorporating essential oils into my daily routines (my mom is a holistic healer), and there is nothing more refreshing than diffusing this oil throughout the day for ultimate zen. 

OK—if there's one thing you should try out of all of my recommendations, these are it. I have to be honest and credit my boyfriend for discovering these, but for the price, I was shocked at the quality and comfort.

I have officially converted to a shampoo bar gal. 

You heard it here first: Amazon has some of the best bikinis. 

If you have combination skin, this is a must-try. 

I feel like at this point, I am just giving away all of my best-kept secrets. These Aloha bags are the perfect travel companion because they are waterproof and come in varying sizes; I have one for my makeup, my face serums, my face creams and mask, and so on. Yes, I am a little extra. 

This cleanser lasts forever, so I file this under the category of "rarely repeat." 

As a new Florida resident, these are no longer just a summer shoe. 

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