Wait, Amazon Has Pretty Great Fashion-Forward Basics RN—Here's What to Buy

Wait, Amazon Has Pretty Great Fashion-Forward Basics RN—Here's What to Buy


@joiedejude; Daily Ritual Relaxed-Fit Mock-Neck Puffer ($64)

Many of us turn to Amazon on a regular basis for a variety of shopping needs. Sure, there’s a wide assortment of those household goods, but the fashion section is also just as strong. On that note, we spent some time scrolling through a variety of the sartorial categories on the site and noticed a pattern. Yep, Amazon has a pretty great offering of fashion-forward basics right now.

The pieces in question are all simple and versatile in nature in that they can easily mix and match with a range of other pieces. They all have that trend-forward element as well. Basically, if you incorporate any of the items coming your way into one of your looks, you’re bound to create an A+ outfit. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to uncover a list of the best stylish basics to buy on Amazon at the moment.

It's all about the knit polo this season.

Wear this "second skin" top on its own or layered.

This vest would team flawlessly with anything from a pair of jeans to a leather skirt.

The stretch cuff brings a little something extra to this puffer.

A ribbed dress is where it's at RN.

The longer fit here makes this blazer very modern.

Layer this with an oversized blazer and add knee-high boots.

Picture this tee with your favorite high-waisted jeans.

An oversized sweatshirt is perfect at the moment.

Into the idea of half-tucking this slouchier shirt.

Pair with jeans or leggings, and you're set.

Simple column dresses are always a go-to.

Incorporate these cute shorts into your lounge rotation.

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