No One Can Keep This Affordable Trend in Stock Right Now

We've been talking at length about the ubiquity (in a good way) of basket bags for a year-plus now, so it's not exactly new news that they're a thing. But what is new is that retailers can't seem to keep the affordable summer trend in stock in recent weeks. Given that market research (aka shopping) is a big part of our jobs, we're always at the pulse of what's new, what's popular, and what's sold out seemingly everywhere. And when it comes to the latter, we couldn't help but notice that the best basket bags are wait-listed, back-ordered, low in stock, or just plain sold out almost everywhere we look.

What prompted us to dig a little deeper into this theory is that late last week, Madewell sent out an email featuring a $60 round shopper basket bag. From our end, the item's page seemed to be so flooded with traffic that it wouldn't even load. When we were finally able to access the bag, it had already sold out—and as we subsequently perused other under-$200 basket bags that had been on our radar this season, many of them were also wiped out.

While this may sound a bit discouraging if you've been shopping for the perfect basket bag for summer, our best advice is to add yourself to a few waiting lists as retailers likely are scrambling to restock ASAP, or quickly snap up a new arrival that's still in stock.

Shop (or wait-list…) some of our favorite under-$200 basket bags below!