The Under-$100 Madewell Bag "Everyone's Talking About"

We're not sure why (and we're certainly not complaining), but Madewell shoppers love to review their purchases. Because of that, making informed purchases from the retailer is easy, and we're not the only ones reading the product reviews. Madewell clearly takes notice of which pieces are highly rated, even calling them out in its newsletters, as was the case today.

The item in question was the brand's The Simple Crossbody Bag, a versatile, perfectly sized leather pouch with an adjustable strap. Madewell called it the bag "everyone's talking about" in the newsletter, even individually highlighting some of the glowing reviews. But wait—it gets better. The bag comes in three colors, can be monogrammed, and is a mere $98. The best-selling carrier currently has a whopping 71 reviews and is recommended by 91% of reviewers. Convinced?

Keep scrolling to shop the ultra-popular bag for yourself!

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