28 Affordable Amazon Purchases I Never Knew I Needed

I am the target consumer when it comes to being persuaded to purchase products I truly never knew I needed. Whether I am caught by little knickknack items leading up to the register when checking out or simply perusing online, I somehow fall for the trap every single time. Perhaps it's because sometimes these purchases live up to their promise. They subconsciously enhance your everyday life without breaking your bank. What more could you want? 

Convenience. You want convenience. Fortunately, since I consider myself a seasoned shopper, I've created a list of products you never knew you needed, which you can find all under one roof: Amazon. Not every product is worth the hype, so it takes a special someone to not only sift through the massive inventory but also validate products' efficacy. Behold—and fair warning because you are about to be persuaded to purchase too—the 28 Amazon finds you never knew you needed, but now you do. 

I'm skincare-obsessed and take great pleasure in indulging in new beauty fads. This has become an essential in my in-flight skincare routine for longer flights because the high-frequency vibration helps to stimulate facial muscle, ultimately increasing blood flow and brightening tired skin.

It hasn't been the easiest journey committing to all-natural deodorant. However, I made it through with this specific product. Quick tip when making the switch: This Kopari deodorant is small enough to put in a purse or keep at your desk for a midday refresh, so consider buying two.

Just when I thought I had all the concealers and powders I needed, enter this Becca brightening powder. I nonchalantly tested it thinking I probably wouldn't even notice a difference, but I was wrong. This powder not only works to set your groundwork but also really brightens the hard-to-get spots, like your under eyes.

I wear these shoes almost every day. While I own a plethora of trendy sneakers, these have instinctively become a favorite due to their versatility. They're easy to slip on for weekend errands or style with a floral dress. 

I ordered this as an essential purchase considering I have a lot of young family members who are still learning the concept of covering your mouth when coughing. Since then, it goes everywhere with me.

The art of dry brushing is something I am still acquainting myself to, so I opted for a variety of styles and brushes to familiarize myself. With all of the dry brushes on the market, this pack of three diversifies the experience and makes me feel like I actually know what I am doing.

Truth be told, I have my mom to thank for this purchase. These packing cubes have absolutely changed my life, and if you don't own them yet, you need to invest. They not only help avoid a messy suitcase, but they also make unpacking seamless. 

As an avid beauty tester, collagen powder has been on my list to try. Specifically formulated to help fight collagen deterioration and restore elastin production, the Reserveage formula is blend of pure, bioactive collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C helps enhance nail growth, reduce breakages and smooth eye wrinkles. Quick tip: add 1 scoop into your morning smoothie and you are good to go!

I definitely own more bikinis than any other article of clothing in my closet, but I never knew I needed a snakeskin bikini. At this price and the quality of the fit and fabric, it's a no-brainer. 

Because skincare is so important to me, SPF plays a vital role in my routine. I didn't fully realize I needed this particular one until I experimented with others and found that this formulation's non-greasy but tinted quality was something I needed in an SPF. 

Canvas bags are having a major moment. From Celine and JW Anderson to Fendi and Balenciaga, designers are reviving the chic classic. But let's not forget about the classic itself. 

A candle is always a good idea. Located in Brooklyn, Apotheke candles have a range of different scents that blend all the right essential oils to elevate your home. This Purple Basil candle is inspired by fresh scents of a summer garden that you can bring right to your own space. Extra bonus: every Market candle includes a recipe for you to try with your friends and family. 

I never took myself as an over-the-ear-headphone kind of gal, but here I am. Fit for any kind of travel, these headphones pack well, cancel unwanted noise, and have a high-quality sound system. 

Yes, silk eye masks are great, but have you tried a memory foam eye bask that has deeper eye insets, which ultimately avoids putting pressure on your eyes? You'll never go back. 

Let's be real: we all could use a bit of an energy boost every now and then. Well Told Health's Energy Supplement is the perf blend of organic matcha tea, beets, maca, and Rhodiola Rosea that work together to increase physical energy and mental focus.

Cardigans have become my go-to wardrobe staple, whether buttoned-up as a crew-neck sweater or unbuttoned a little for a night out. It's such a transitional piece that I see myself wearing this no matter the season. Not to mention this one comes in a range of colors. 

These Spanx leggings have completely changed the game for me. They're comfortable, functional, and flattering, which checks all of my boxes. 

After years of both blowing out and curling my fine hair, I finally found a tool that actually does both without damaging my hair with too much heat. 

There's no denying we all spend too many hours in front of a screen on a daily basis. These blue light–blocking glasses are a step in the right direction when it comes to protecting your eyes. 

I updated my nameplate necklace to this custom one because why not? 

I've officially retired all of my other hair ties. Again, because I have fine hair, the stress of a regular hair tie ultimately damages my hair. These silk numbers not only stop the damage but also don't pull or tug on my hair. 

Body polish is definitely a luxury and now a luxury I can't live without. This Herbivore one makes it easy because it actually lasts forever. Quick tip: A little bit goes a long way. 

I've recently (slowly) eliminated coffee from my diet, and this kettle has been my new kitchen go-to. It simplifies the process of making tea and works extremely fast. 

On the same note, as I dropped coffee, I picked up matcha. Making matcha is a rather tedious process, but when you have this set, it becomes pretty doable (and mess-free!). 

I love organization. From packing cubes to these drawer dividers, there are simple hacks that can bring organization to your everyday. 

Filled with motivation and wisdom to better your true self, this book is at my bedside table and serves as a little pick-me-up before I go to bed or when I wake up. 

Smaller than the average muscle massager, this is super portable and saves my life when I'm traveling. 

This water-resistant jacket is a great piece. I throw it on for chilly morning walks, and if the weather is rainy, keep it on for running quick errands. 

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