You're Paying Too Much for Your Fave Beauty Items—These Prime Day Deals Prove It



Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of crazy-expensive beauty products that are well worth every penny. I own a few, and I’m pretty darn dependent on them! But there are just as many crazy-expensive beauty products that have vastly more affordable counterparts that are just as, and sometimes even more efficacious. 

In an overly saturated industry, it can be hard to know where to turn, but in honor of Amazon Prime Day (and all of the stellar deals!), I’m here to shed light on some of the crazy-effective products that also come in at stomachable price points—especially when they’re slashed down even further for Prime Day. You have until 11:59 p.m. PDT tonight to shop until you drop and snap up these affordable, yet results-driven finds that give those ultra-fancy products a run for their money. Keep scrolling, and trust me when I say these are just as good!

I'm not sure if this is a fun act or a sad fact but did you know there are facial rollers that look and work exactly like this one but go for almost $200? Yeah, don't do that. 

Buying two of Garnier's all-in-one micellar formulas is less expensive than buying just one bottle from the majority of leading brands. You don't even have to be good at math to figure out that this is a steal.

The going rate for one Beautyblender (sorry to brand drop) is more than this entire essentials kit combined. 

Makeup artists, models, and beauty editors alike all compare this cult-favorite French face cream to other formulas that are significantly more expensive. (Like, ahem, Augustinus Bader.) Try this instead and save your money!

I've used this addictive foaming hybrid product from Bliss since college, and it's still just as ridiculously satisfying. Part cleanser, part mask you're left with a bright, smooth, über-happy complexion post-use. I'm always convinced the price tag is a mistake especially considering you're basically getting two products in one!

What's that saying? "Double your pleasure, double your fun?" The phrase holds especially true where the world's all-time fastest-selling mascara is concerned. It's an oldie, but a goodie. 

If your hair is stressed (which, like, who's isn't?!) consider this reparative four-pack from Carol's Daughter heaven-sent. It comes with shampoo, conditioner, leave-in cream, and last but not least, an ultra-luxe hair and scalp oil.

Looking for super-shiny hair without having to sacrifice the integrity of your strands? You definitely need this sulfate-free hydrating set. You actually will look like you belong in one of those iconic Pantene commercials.

This high-quality hair serum has everything you want from a great hair oil (like clean, organic ingredients) and nothing you don't. It boasts a hair-healing mix of jojoba, argan, moringa, rosemary, and clary sage oils.

I'm sorry, but if you're spending more than $20 on a face mist, I don't know what you're doing with your life. There's a reason that even prestige product-obsessed makeup artists and celebs keep this one on deck. It's fab, and it also happens to be super soothing and lovely for summertime.

One last time for the people in the back: Not all collagen supplements are created equally, and it's super important to invest in a formula that makes high-quality products. (You don't want anything sketchy or artificial lurking.) No need to worry with Dose & Co.'s exceptional array, and even Khloé Kardashian is a fan.

There are so many serums that are heart-stoppingly expensve—especially in the brightening and vitamin C arena. Do your bank account a favor and opt for this one from Perricone MD instead. Your skin won't know any difference between this one and other options that are six times the price.

You best believe you really don't have to spend a fortune on a pack of sheet masks. (Some sets are more than $100!) This is the number one selling brand in the Korean beauty sphere and you'll understand why after just one use. 

There's really no need to wash your money down the drain (I mean that pretty literally) on expensive body scrubs. Because, yes, most of said product spends more quality time in your drain system than with your skin. This one from Frank Body is fairly priced, smells intoxicatingly wonderful, and will leave your skin smooth, and with a shimmering glow to boot.

Nix extensions, falsies, and gut-wrenchingly expensive lash serums. This one is significantly more affordable—and effective—han the majority on the market. 

Tuck this little bar of gold into your bag and you're armed for anything! Chapped lips, dry cuticles, and any other type of minor skin ailment won't stand a chance against this gal's ingredient roster including lanoline, vitamin E, and manuka honey. 

If you thought dermatologists only recommend super-expensive skincare staples, think again. Time after time, I've had skin experts praise this OTC prescription retinoid alternative with glowing remarks. Essentially, this classic product helps regulate skin cell turnover to help reduce clogged pores and inflammation, which in turn, helps reduce acne and breakouts. Plus, this handy set comes with the brand's oil-absorbing moisturizer and a non-aggressive cleanser.

I'll say this: this fan-favorite curl jelly has more than three thousand reviews on Amazon and still maintains a nearly perfect five-star rating. The fact that it's under $20 makes it all the more get-worthy. 

This award-winning serum claims to "melt" lines and wrinkles. A bold claim indeed, but according to the brand it visibly reduces lines—even super-deep, stubborn wrinkles—in just 7 days. Plus, the price won't put you out of Happy Hour commission this summer. 

Between the price point and efficacy of this obsessed-about retinol serum, it's no wonder LilyAna Naturals has become one of the most coveted skincare lines on Amazon. 

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