This Is Easily the Chicest Perfume Brand Around, and I Can't Get Enough

I think it is often underestimated just how difficult shopping for perfume is. For starters, the stuff is expensive. While parting with a few bucks on a foundation that isn’t quite right doesn’t feel like a huge financial loss (with a bit of mixing, you can usually find a way to make it work), dropping three figures on a perfume that isn’t all you hoped is more difficult to swallow.

We’ve all been there. You spritz something on at the counter and fall in love at first sniff or smell something divine on someone and add it straight to your basket, only to get the goods home, douse yourself in the stuff, and realize it gives you a nauseating headache.


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And to make perfume shopping even harder, we’re now faced with what feels like hundreds of snaps of painfully pretty bottles every time we log on to Instagram. But chic bottles don’t always mean chic scents. In fact, finding perfumes that smell as good as they look can be tricky business. There is one brand, however, that I fervently believe is seriously underrated in this realm.

There’s a high chance you have already heard of Aerin perfumes. Their distinctive stone lids and beautiful gold hardware make them perfect Insta material. But you’d be forgiven for never having given them a sniff. You see, unlike so many other Instagrammable perfumes around (no, I won’t name names), the scents of Aerin perfumes are enviably unique, long lasting, and universally wearable.


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The brand, which was founded by Aerin Lauder (yes, she is the granddaughter of the Estée Lauder), is all about effortlessly beautiful living. Think classic scents with an air of modern ease and luxury that makes them the ultimate reach-fors. Despite my 70-strong perfume collection, it’s Aerin scents that I find myself reaching for day in, day out. They are the epitome of laid-back luxury.

The fragrances themselves are easy to wear and powerful without being heady, and they become one with the skin in a way that has people thinking you just smell that good. In fact, I like to think of my Aerin collection much like I do my wardrobe. There’s the sort of free-flowing chiffon dress that oozes carefree nostalgia, the business suit that screams authority, and the cosy cashmere jumper that radiates warmth and comfort.


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I’m the sort of person who likes my signature perfumes to be mine, so in a way, I’ve kind of been putting off writing this story. Truthfully, out of all of the perfume brands I’ve ever tried, Aerin is the one that appeals most to the sort of person who likes to keep their signature scent a secret. The perfumes are unique enough to pique interest and wearable enough to have people asking after them.

So despite the fact it pains me a little to share the Aerin secret with you all, I feel like it has to be done. While I’m the sort of girl who likes to keep delicious perfumes for myself, I sense Aerin Lauder is too, and it’s because of that she’s been able to create such delectable masterpieces over and over again.

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