Over-50 Celebs Whose Style We Should Be Stalking


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While great style exists at every age, it takes time to be considered an icon. While Hollywood (and the fashion industry too) has garnered a reputation for shining a glaring spotlight on youth, here at Who What Wear, we look to women of all ages as a source of inspiration. It goes without saying that there's something about women with a few more decades of experience that sets their style apart. Maybe it's a sense of ease or understanding of their personal style, maybe it's the fact that they've road tested a lot of outfits to figure out what works for them, but either way, there are a number of over-50 celebrities whose style we return to over and over again.

Below we're highlighting eight of these inspiring women and explaining what we aspire to achieve from each of their unique looks. From a mastery of professional dressing to an ability to wear bold pieces that might shake someone younger, you'll find a lesson in style in each of these women. Ranging in age from 51 to 70-plus, these women have experience that we can all put to good use. Check it out below.