The Under-$100 Jeans Bella Hadid Always Wear With Sneakers

Bella Hadid is a big hugger. She’s mastered the serious pout in photos, that’s for sure, but in person, she couldn’t keep a bubbly smile off her face and didn’t pass by meeting someone new without giving them an enormous hug. As I arrived for an interview on the second floor of the Nike flagship at The Grove in Los Angeles, Hadid, wearing loose track pants and a white scrunchie, leaped off the couch and threw her arms around me to say hello—always a welcome surprise from anyone so part of the public eye.

With the Cannes Film Festival just wrapping, Hadid had stepped off a plane in L.A. only two days before, back in part to celebrate the new Cortez sneaker launch with Nike. This is Hadid’s second campaign with the athletic giant, one the model is excited about since she’s been a fan of the brand for such a long time. The fact that she’s been wearing the sneakers since she was a kid made it a natural choice for her. “Nike is my number one since I was a kid wearing my Air Force Ones,” she says. “That was my staple in high school.” And while she may have been wearing her Air Force Ones when she was a kid, she’s still a fan of them now.

As for her Cortez sneakers, we were interested to find out how she’s wearing the vintage style, originally from the 1970s, today. If you could style them any way, I said, how would you wear them? Recalling an outfit from Cannes, Bella told me, “Last week I was in the South of France and I put on this amazing silk beautiful dress, and I went to go put my heels on but I grabbed my Cortezes. I put them on with it, and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever put together and it was perfect.” Never one to shy away from taking fashion risks or trying an unconventional outfit pairing, Bella is certainly one to keep us excited by her styling choices.

And the ultimate compliment came next. When I asked Bella about how she would wear sneakers with jeans, she thought for a minute. Then she glanced in my direction and said, “Literally like these,” pointing to the 501 skinny jeans I was wearing—“literally just these Levi’s.”

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