From Dads to Supermodels—20 Pairs of New Balance Sneakers That Are Peak Cool

There aren't many sneakers that have stood stand a chance against New Balance sneakers. Sure, they're old-school, and your dad probably owns a pair or two (and says he likes them because they're comfortable), but now everyone is wearing them—fashion insiders, celebrities, and everyone on Instagram included. Thus, they're selling out fast and furious, but that doesn't mean they're completely wiped out.

Perhaps the best thing about New Balance sneakers (besides the comfort level, of course) is that they're such classics that you'll likely avoid that flash-in-the-pan trendy-sneaker curse if you invest in a pair now. We're predicting that you'll still reach for them several years from now, so consider it a worthwhile purchase. And after some scrolling, I was able to find multiple cool pairs that happen to be in stock in many sizes (for now.) Keep scrolling to shop them before they sell out.



I'll let you in on a secret—Net-a-Porter happens to stock the coolest sneakers on the market.

Platforms don't only have to be for heels.

Take a break from neutrals and opt for a unique colorway. 



I can confirm from personal experience that my 550s and these come in a close tie for the comfiest sneakers.



You can't go wrong with a classic black pair. 

To match all your casual and laid-back outfits. 

These may look like what my dad wears to workout, but I'm kind of into them. 

All of the prettiest shades of blue in one sneaker. 



I couldn't help it, I had to include another pair of 990s. Take your pick!



As I said, Net-a-Porter stocks some seriously cool sneakers. Where else would you find a pair like this?

New Balance sneakers don't last very long on Shopbop. Think fast. 

Not only is J.Crew the destination for all your chic clothing desires, but the retailer also has a ton of New Balance in stock. 

Swooning over this color. It'll make any simple outfit much cooler.

The 5-star reviews speak for themselves. 

This pair is beefed up with waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex so you can wear them in almost any weather condition.