Bridgerton's Key Makeup Artist and Hairstylist Share Their Favorite On-Set Beauty Products

I think I speak for all Bridgerton stans when I say what a relief it is that it's June. I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for part two of season three, and finally, it's here! Mostly, I'm chomping at the bit to find out what happens between our beloved Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, but I'm also looking forward to even more mesmerizing beauty looks since the first half of the season didn't disappoint in this department. Shout-out to the show's incredible glam team—they've truly outdone themselves this time around.

Honestly, the beauty editor in me never stops working, so I knew I had to have a chat with the masterminds behind a few key makeup and hair looks this season so far. If you're dying to know a bit more about the products they used on set, keep on reading. I tracked down all the details so you don't have to.

The Makeup Looks

Nicola Coughlan on the set of Bridgerton season three.

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First, Bridgerton makeup artist Jessie Deol shared more about the overall mood for this season and how she crafted each beauty look for this season's star, Nicola Coughlan. "We started off knowing it was a glow-up, so we had a look at all her past looks," says Deol. "Nicola has amazing eyes and skin, so I think my main objective was to make them pop on camera. I used colors and shapes that would make her eyes bluer and [give her] skin just a lovely glow. I am a big believer [that] if you get the base right, everything else falls into place. The next was costume and hairstyling. Farida [Ghwedar], Erika [Ökvist], and I would get a costume-fitting board with her costumes for that block. Farida and I would then do separate mood boards and then come together and streamline what would complement the overall look. If it was a light-colored dress with hair down, I knew I would be looking at very blended-out eyes, glossy lips—a more natural makeup [look]."

"Lastly, it was the storyline. Penelope goes through a lot of different stages with her looks, where she is trying to find a husband, then the first kiss she has, day looks, and ball looks. For example, Hawkins Ball was all about inventions, so I tried to be innovative with the makeup and use rhinestones to not only look good but [to also] catch the light while she was dancing," says Deol.

A particular favorite look Deol did for Coughlan was her "under the willow tree" look. "It was like a watercolor, and it's the type of makeup I like doing," she says. "To re-create this look, the skin is dewy and fresh, highlighting all the high points on your face. The eye makeup was very simple to do. It was a cream color blended out all over the eye and into the crease, then I used two types of shiny/glittery eye shadow pressed onto the lid to give the eye more depth. Lastly, [I] added some individual lashes to lift up and open the eye. The colors I used were to make Nicola's eyes pop. No liner, no harsh lines—just melted into her skin."

Deol also shared a few key beauty products she loves using on set below.

Deol's Favorite On-Set Beauty Products

The Hair Looks

Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton season three.

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Bridgerton hairstylist Farida Ghwedar also gave us a bit more insight into the key hair moments this season.

"Initially, our designer Erika Ökvist put together a mood board with Hollywood starlets and pinups from the 1940s for all the Featherington sisters," she says. "I took those silhouettes and worked out what suited Nicola in the fittings. A mix between Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth worked best with fullness toward the ends and less height at roots. I then mixed inspo from 1990s runway styles [from] the likes of Karen Mulder and Claudia Schiffer, all the way to '80s Brooke Shields and Kylie Minogue. Red carpet is always an inspiration, but I actually looked a lot at late '80s and early '90s versions of Hollywood golden era styles. I was drawn to them, as they were a little softer than the very 'set' originals. We finished with kiss curls to add a little period feel to the styles, and these were based [on] references I had been saving since I introduced them to Edwina's styles on season two. The reference spanned decades, ranging from Thelma Todd and later Marilyn Monroe to current Beyoncé and even an '80s MC Hammer dancer."

Unfortunately for us, most of the hairpieces on set were custom-made (sigh), but Ghwedar did share that there is one piece you can purchase for yourself, and you can snag it below.

Ghwedar's Favorite On-Set Beauty Products

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