These Are My Favorite Bathing-Suit Outfits on Instagram—Copy Them

If you thought finding good a bathing suit for your trip is hard, wait until you pass that phase and get to the outfit portion of your vacation planning. Sure, you can just throw something over your suit and take it off when you get to the beach, pool, boat, party, etc.—but why miss out on a chance to wear a cool outfit, and better yet, to have a great photo opp?

In my opinion, sometimes the full beach look is better than the bathing suit itself. And if thinking of what to wear makes your head spin, that’s totally valid, but you can forget all your worries because today I’ve got 17 Instagram-tested and editor-approved looks you can simply copy and be on your way. Continue on to see them for yourself and shop some essentials like sandals and sunglasses while you’re at it.