5 Basic Shoes Every Fashion Person Owns

Given that we all have different personal styles, no two shoe wardrobes are completely alike. You may favor offbeat statement heels while your best friend may stock her arsenal with toned-down, minimal silhouettes. That said, there are a select few shoe styles that we all probably do have in our closets, despite footwear preferences. These are what we call the basics. You know what we’re talking about—those classic shoes that have become universal essentials thanks to their go-with-everything, never-going-out-of-style nature. Think black pumps and white sneakers.

Below we’re showcasing the five shoe styles that prove to be common threads throughout just about every fashion person’s wardrobe. Keep scrolling for a little visual inspiration and shopping recommendations if you’re looking to refresh those basic silhouettes.

1. Black Pumps
Classic Shoe Styles: Black Pumps



It may seem like a no-brainer, but a pair of classic black pumps are one of the most versatile pair of shoes you can own. They will literally work for every occasion. 

2. Ballet Flats
Classic Shoe Styles: Ballet Flats



It's always smart to have a timeless pair of ballet flats on hand for those days when you need to look put together but also need to stay comfortable. 

3. Black Ankle Boots
Classic Shoe Styles: Black Ankle Boots



While patterned or colorful booties are also a hit, black ankle boots will always remain the staple in the boot realm thanks to their wear-with-anything nature. 

4. Strappy Sandals
Classic Shoe Styles: Strappy Sandals



A pair of strappy sandals will bring a fashion-forward element to those more elevated ensembles.

5. Classic Sneakers
Classic Shoe Styles: Converse Sneakers



Sorry, "ugly sneakers," classic kicks like Converse, Vans, or all-white leather trainers will always reign supreme. They will never go out of style.