The "Basic" Skinny Jeans Fashion Girls Will Always Wear

Like most things in fashion, skinny jeans follow their own trend cycle. Every season, new iterations rise to be It styles—like light-wash styles right now—while others fall off the map. That said, blue skinnies in a medium wash (without the bells and whistles) will always remain a staple, regardless of what’s “trending.”

Sure, you could call these skinny jeans “basic” because of their standard nature. But we’d describe them as more “classic” than anything else. Fashion people will always rely on this specific skinny-jean trend for those no-fail, always-in-style vibes. To prove it, we’re showcasing seven style setters wearing these go-to skinnies right now for outfit inspiration. To take it one step further, we also shopped out our favorite pairs in case you’re ready to refresh your offering.