6 "Boring" Basics This Stylish 50-Year-Old Can't Live Without

Shopping for party dresses, heels, and statement bags is straight-up fun, no matter what your budget is. Shopping for basics, however, doesn't quite get your blood flowing as quickly. Boring? Yes. Necessary? Also yes. All of those statement pieces you love buying are only so useful in your closet if they are accompanied by a canvas of versatile basics, and that's a fact. White T-shirts, blazers, jeans, and the like are the bones of any wardrobe, and today, we're here to get a fresh perspective on the "boring" pieces no one likes to talk about. 

Ahead, we reached out to one of our favorite fashion girls, Renata Jazdzyk, who is 53 and fabulous. She dished on the six basics she says she can't live without. The fun thing about basics is that although we have a general idea of what they entail, the individual pieces within everyone's collection vary from woman to woman. According to Renata, tees, turtlenecks, and shorts suits are a few of the categories that made the cut. Will they make yours? After hearing all about the specific basics that have made this style icon's outfits 10 times better, hopefully, you'll be inspired to step up your basics game

White T-Shirt

Best Basic Clothing For  Every Age

"One of the essentials that I always take with me on holiday and that is always in my suitcase is a basic white T-shirt. It goes with everything from casual jeans to more elegant suits. This summer, besides buying normal white T-shirts, I will also look for something a bit more unique such as a white tee with puffed sleeves." 

"I can't get enough of oversize blazers and am always in search for a new one! This type of blazer allows for so many different styling options—it can be layered with flowy dresses or a basic white tee. Whatever you wear with it will look amazing and chic. This summer I’m planning to wear them with Bermuda denim shorts and heels."

White Button-Down

"I honestly believe that there is no such a thing as too many white shirts. If you ever wake up and say to yourself, 'I have nothing to wear,' having a good quality button-down will always come in handy. Unbutton it a bit, roll the sleeves, accessorize it with jewelry, pair it with jeans and heels and voilà—you're ready to go."

Denim Jeans

"If there is absolutely one piece I cannot live without, it's blue jeans. I fell in love with them as a teenager, and this love is a never-ending one. I tend to buy Levis 501 jeans if I want something simple and timeless. I'll go to Zara, Mango, H&M, and Agolde if I want something more unique and on-trend."

"Thanks to Jacquemus, turtleneck tops are back in fashion this summer. They're flattering and easy to wear. I love to tuck them into wide-leg trousers and pair them with heeled sandals."

Short Suit

"Shorts are no longer reserved just for sports or casual-wear. Short-suiting is perfect for any summer occasion. They're also a great alternative to regular suits, and I tend to go for neutral ones paired with a bright colored bag and shoes."

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