The Absolute Best Basics to Buy at Nordstrom, According to Our Editors

If you haven’t noticed, we love to wax lyrical about basics here on Who What Wear, from celebrity-loved staples to the boring basics French girls always have handy. It’s easy to see why we talk our heads off on the subject—after all, they’re by far the hardest-working items in our closet, they’re the building blocks of our wardrobes, and sartorially speaking, we’d be absolutely lost without them.

It’s not surprising that Nordstrom seems to be our go-to retailer we turn to time and time again to purchase our trusty staples. Curious to find out the absolute best basics to buy at Nordstrom, I tapped into my fellow editors to see exactly what they love to purchase from the multi-brand retailer. From bras to leggings, scroll below as we share the versatile items we can’t live without.

“My underwear drawer is fully stocked with these, and I’ll never look back. They’re truly invisible under clothes and way better than a typical lace thong, and I find they’re more comfortable too.”

“I reviewed this bra in a story on the best-selling bras on Who What Wear, and I stand by my almost-fervent love for this bra. If you’re looking for something that’s completely seamless under a white tee, this is your ticket.”

“I can’t live without these mesh thongs. They’re the most comfortable underwear I own and always have a seamless finish with whatever I wear.”

“These are my go-to leggings for both working out and lounging. Needless to say, I own multiple pairs.”

“Nordstrom has an excellent sleepwear selection, and much of it is affordable. Sets like this are my favorite style.”

“I’ve been wearing these sunglasses everywhere. They’re flattering and go with everything.”

“I’ve been living in these sneakers since I bought them. They make my gym outfits cooler and my lazy weekend outfits way more interesting.”

“I always buy black and white ankle socks in bulk from Nordstrom. The store sells most brands, and they’re always good quality. I love wearing them with boots, or even with sandals or loafers to really show them off.”

“This is one of the most supportive strapless bras I’ve found, and it definitely doesn’t hurt that it’s a pretty pick, too.”

“Ask Bella Hadid, Alexa Chung, Kaia Gerber (I could go on)—these high-tops will always be classics worthy of any closet.”

“I always buy my basic tees from Nordstrom. I own this Madewell V-neck in three different colors.”

“This is my everyday nude bra—it’s seamless under my tees and tops; lightweight yet supportive. It also happens to be one of the best-selling bras on Who What Wear.”

“Nordstrom’s jewelry selection is on point—especially their gold hoop earrings. I wear these with practically every outfit.”

"I always buy my everyday sneakers from Nordstrom, and I happen to be loyal to Vans and Supergas in particular."