The Elite 8: Meet the It Bags and Shoes for This Summer

Bags and shoes, what's not to love? These essential accessory categories (though small in size) are the true heroes of any woman's wardrobe. On the handbag front, a purse is an everyday companion that not only serves as a functional piece to carry all your stuff in but is also a way to stylishly tie your whole outfit together. The same thing goes for shoes. If you've invested in versatile, inspiring footwear, then the likelihood of running out of outfit ideas is low. All this to say that we're big fans of bags and shoes, which is why we have our eye on the upcoming It options for summer.

Turning to Instagram and our favorite designers, we came up with a list of eight It bags and shoes we suspect will be all the rage later this summer (regardless if you're in your living room while working from home or, hopefully soon, out and about). Continue ahead to discover and shop your new favorite accessory.

1. Wandler Elza Shoes
Wandler Heels



Wandler's Elza heels will be, by far, one of the most popular sandals of the season. Stock up on your favorite color before they sell out!

2. Demellier Florence Clutch
Demellier Clutch



You're not imagining it—all of your favorite Instagram influencers are carrying this sleek clutch. You should think about getting in on the trend too.

3. The Row Flip-Flops
The Row Flip Flops



If ever there were two designers to make platform leather flip-flops chic, it would be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. These translate to all scenarios, making them a worthy investment.

4. Pernille Teisbaek x Gia Couture Mules



Pernille Teisbaek teamed up with Gia Couture to create the sleekest pair of mules we've seen in a minute. 

5. Imago-A Bucket Bag
Lime Green Bag



Fashion girls have been flocking toward Imago-A bags in recent past, which is why this croc-effect bag in a vibrant shade of green is sure to take off this summer.

6. Staud Felix Bag
Staud White Ruched Bag


Staud bags are reliably stylish, and this white ruched silhouette is simply no exception.

7. Reike Nen 5 Strings Sandals
Strappy Sandals



Summer and strappy sandals go hand-in-hand, which is why indie shoe designer Reike Nen and its sleek heels above will dominate your Instagram feed in the months to come.

7. Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag
Woven Bag


Szymon Brzoska - The Style Stalker

At this point in the game, if it's Bottega Veneta and it's an accessory, the likelihood of it being a smash hit is high. Case in point? This gorgeous woven bag.

Now, the affordable shoe brand fashion girls are flocking to right now.