Why Bekah Is the Bachelor Fashion Hero I've Been Waiting For

"SOS: I'm in a room with two guys from The Bachelorette right now" is a message I recently sent to my boss on arguably the most import Slack channel of them all: #bachgirls. (I'm definitely the most active participant in said chatroom.) Naturally, she responded with "pics or it didn't happen," so I enlisted a friend to take some stealth photos of the situation. I bring up this (slightly embarrassing) story to illustrate a simple point: I'm a major fan of The Bachelor franchise. Can anyone out there relate? 

Naturally, then, I wouldn't turn down an opportunity to talk about The Bachelor at work. As a fashion writer, I've covered the franchise here and there, but there's one contestant whose style stands out in my mind: Bekah M. (Yes, the same Bekah who was on a missing persons list—but we'll chalk that up to a miscommunication problem.)