6 Autumn Accessories Our Editors Won't Be Wearing and 6 They'll Wear Instead

Let’s face it. When we’re bundled up in multiple layers for the cooler seasons, accessories can often be our saving grace. Wearing a plain trench coat? Add some statement boots. Opting for neutral knitwear? Finish with a printed scarf or chunky necklace. As trends come and go, though, our accessories get a little refresh. So at Who What Wear HQ, we had a little chat about the autumn accessories we’ll be passing up on this year and the ones that we’ll choose to wear instead. 

Editor in Chief Hannah Almassi has sworn off workwear ties as seen on the Gucci and Louis Vuitton runways in favour of skinnier, jaunty styles spotted at Miu Miu. Remi Afolabi, WWW’s video content creator, will be switching out summery bucket hats in favour of baseball caps. And when it comes to colour trends, I am embracing hot-pink handbags instead of classic colours like black and tan.

Keep scrolling to see the accessories our editors aren't feeling and the ones they’ll definitely be wearing this autumn. 

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief

Avoiding: Work Ties

Wearing: Jaunty Neck Scarves


(Image credit: @hannahalmassi)

"I've collected so many scarves over the years that I probably have enough to start up my own mini museum. But they don't just sit around in a box not being worn; scarves make a regular appearance in my outfits because they bring a final retro flourish that I appreciate—so I have them in all colours, lengths and finishes! The formal tie trend has taken off on the runways, but as it doesn't speak to my personal style, I think I'd look far too try-hard attempting to weave one into my looks. It's a pass."


Remi Afolabi, Video Content Creator

Avoiding: Bucket Hats

Wearing: Baseball Caps


(Image credit: @remiafolabi)

"I love to wear buckets hats, but they tend to give off quite summery vibes for the most part, so I’ll be swapping them out for baseball caps. They’re perfect for off-duty days and always add that ‘cool’ element to a casual look. I’ve also attached an image of myself."


Poppy Nash, Managing Editor

Avoiding: Dainty Chain Bracelets

Wearing: Chunky Bangles


(Image credit: @poppynash)

"As an easy way to add a touch of glamour to any look, I love a good bracelet stack, but this year, I'll be swapping out my collection of thin, dainty chains for a chunky bangle or cuff. More is more with this trend, so pile on a mixture of styles or opt for one oversized piece to really make a statement."


Maxine Eggenberger, Acting Assistant Editor

Avoiding: Leg Warmers

Wearing: Cowboy Boots


(Image credit: @maxineeggenberger)

"No, you read that right—designers are trying to make leg warmers happen for autumn/winter 2022. Even Prada’s at it. The world has gone mad, I tell you. Needless to say, I’ll be skipping them, and instead, I plan on warming these legs with a pair of cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are the ultimate fashion-girl boot style, with cool types pulling them on with everything from minidresses to wide-leg trousers tucked in. I make no claim to be cool, but even I see the appeal. They're a handy addition in any transitional wardrobe, and I plan on wearing mine with my collection of midi wrap dresses to carry them through to autumn. I’m also half-Canadian, and anything that makes me feel closer to my roots is welcome in my wardrobe. Just wait; I’ll be wearing them with double denim in no time!"


Harriet Davey, Fashion Contributor

Avoiding: Neutral, Classic Bags

Wearing: Hot-Pink Bags


(Image credit: @harriet.davey)

"Usually, I stick to go-with-everything bags in classic black, tan and cream, especially when I splurge on designer. But for autumn/winter this year, I've been fully sucked into the pink trend that's quite literally everywhere. And I don't usually like pink! But here I am wanting to wear any bright-pink bag I can find, especially these three."


Remy Farrell, Shopping Editor

Avoiding: Hiking Boots

Wearing: Knee-High Boots


(Image credit: @remyfarrell)

"I've been known to be a lot of things, but a practical dresser is not one of them. While I understand the allure (and the function) behind a chunky, heavy-duty boot, nothing makes me happier to get ready in the morning than a piece that looks the part. Don't get me wrong; you won't find me in a skyscraper heel, but that is where the knee-high boot comes in. Bold, glossy and printed boots are my weakness, and I couldn't be happier to voluntarily retire my flip-flops for another year."


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