The Aussie Pieces I'm Telling All My Friends About

It was through one of the other editors at Who What Wear that I first discovered the brand With Jéan. I spotted the brand in a story Aemilia Madden had worked on and the pieces instantly caught my eye. What struck me were the pretty prints and easy silhouettes that I knew would easily slip into my wardrobe. After all, I’m a big fan of floral dresses and bustier tops and pieces seemingly designed with the weekend in mind.

Soon after discovering the brand, though, I started to see it popping up everywhere. Specifically, on Aimee Song. I strongly identify with her sense of style—we’re both L.A. girls, after all—so when I saw her wearing With Jéan’s pieces on repeat, I knew they were something special. At that point, I ordered a dress to try the brand for myself and quickly became convinced that it’s the next big brand that will be in the closets of fashion girls everywhere. So now I’m telling all my friends to order the brand’s tops and dresses. To me, they’re the perfect pieces for summer and feel destined for many suitcases for the summer ahead. Go on to shop pieces from the brand to try out for yourself.