The Shirt Style Every Fashion Girl Owns in Multiples

To some, summer is shorts season. To others, it's bikini season, and to others, it's sandal season. But to a growing number of fashion girls, it's, undoubtedly, crop top season. Crop tops come in many forms these days, and many of them aren't as scary as you'd assume, especially when you factor in the high-waisted pants, skirts, and shorts you can pair with them.

As someone who's on fashion Instagram (IYKYK) every single day, I know a common theme when I see one, and that's that crop tops have gone far beyond just being a trend—they're a full-blown summer wardrobe staple. I'm willing to guess that many among us own as many crop tops as we do T-shirts. But for others who may find them intimidating, I'm here to provide you with fresh styling inspiration that proves otherwise.

Keep scrolling to get inspired by some new crop top outfit ideas and to shop the best styles on the market right now.

Cropped T-shirt outfit



A cropped white T-shirt is a fun swap for a regular white T-shirt. Bonus: You don't have to tuck it in.

Crop top trend



You truly can't go wrong with a matching set.

A crop top plus high-waisted black jeans is a no-fail outfit formula.

Sweater sets look all the cooler when they're cropped.

Crop top outfit idea



A cropped tank top with a leather jacket is so right for so many occasions.

Cool crop top



Cool cropped sweater set, exhibit B.

Crop top and sweatpants



The easiest way to make sweatpants more fun? You guessed it—a crop top.

Crop top and jeans



A little white crop top and baggy jeans are as 2021 as outfit trends get.

Shop More Crop Tops

This top is a thing of beauty.

It comes in blue, too, and it's equally glorious.

This color will soon be everywhere, so stay tuned.

If you buy just one pink thing for summer, make it this.

I fully expect to see Kendall Jenner wearing this out at night.