I Live in Atlanta and Won't Stop Wearing These 6 Easy Trends

If it's an effortless and fashion-forward outfit idea you're looking for, Lauren Alexandria will have an option for you. That's right—the Atlanta-based influencer's feed, @asseenbylauren, is filled with top-notch inspiration, including ensembles that are equal parts easy and chic. Given her elevated sartorial point of view, we thought we'd inquire about the specific pieces she is wearing on repeat in her day-to-day life in Atlanta.

On that note, Alexandria actually told us why she's personally inspired by the fashion scene in Atlanta. Here's what she said: "During this pandemic and having to quarantine and socially distance ourselves during most of it, I haven't been able to really see, experience, and enjoy Atlanta's fashion as I have in the past. But what does inspire me about Atlanta fashion is that the people here are free in whatever they wear. It's not about looking like each other here in Atlanta or having the best of the best, but about wearing what makes us as individuals feel free and expressive through our choice of clothing." With that in mind, it makes sense that the pieces Alexandria is turning to right now are all versatile in nature in that they can easily be styled with a range of pieces to create her unique signature silhouettes.

Intrigued and want further inspo? Keep scrolling to check out the trends Alexandria is loving, complete with visual references and inspired shopping picks as well.

1. Shackets

"Shackets have surprisingly taken over the fashion world. This new trend came in with an 'all eyes on me' attitude and I'm not mad at. The different textures of leather or a wool-blend make it the perfect layering piece for fall and winter. Shackets are super versatile and I love that they're the perfect grab-and-go item."—Alexandria

"This is personally my favorite trend at the moment. Chunky boots just don't seem to go out of style. Every fall and winter these boots come out of hibernation and steal the shine. I personally love them because I am a shorter woman, 4'11" to be exact. So I love adding on any extra height."

3. Brown Monochromatic Looks

"I fell in love with monochromatic anything back in undergrad. I majored in fine arts with a concentration in photography, and one of my favorite projects that was assigned to us was to shoot natural monochromatic photographs, and I absolutely loved the idea of everything being one color in the scene. So of course I absolutely loved the idea of my looks being monochrome as well. Also, I love the way a brown monochromatic outfit looks on women of color. It allows our skin tone to pop and stand out!"

4. Sweater-Vests

"Who knew that sweater-vests would become so popular again? I personally have fallen in love with this trend. I love that I can wear it with or without a collared shirt underneath."

6. Plaid Items

"Plaid has become the print to wear this fall. Mainly seen on shackets and coats, plaid printed clothing is a must-have as one of those fall staple pieces."