Fashion Editors Are Expert Gift Givers—Here's What's on Their Radar This Year

Gift-giving has been my love language for as long as I can remember. Whether I'm shopping for a birthday, a thank-you gift, or a holiday, I'll take any excuse to buy a little something to celebrate my friends and family. I've gotten pretty good at it over the years, but I'm always looking for fresh ideas.

When I asked to see my fellow editors' lists this year, I noticed they all have one thing in common: cozy pieces from Athleta. There's really nothing better than unwrapping a new pair of pajamas or a knit beanie in the winter, and the brand has so many incredible options right now, so I really can't blame my fellow editors for taking advantage. Below, five Who What Wear editors share the cozy gifts they're eyeing for themselves and others this holiday season.

cozy loungewear

"The best part of the holidays for me is being able to give my loved ones something that I know they'll absolutely lose it over! I'm a big fan of introducing my family members to new clothing brands, so they can almost always expect me to give them clothes along with other gifts I know they've been wanting." —  Aniyah Morinia, Associate Editor


"It's finally hoodie season (my favorite time of year), and I love collecting new styles. This sherpa hoodie is the perfect blend of athleisure and casualwear, so I can wear it around the house or out and about layered underneath a coat."


"My mom absolutely loves pajamas and all things cozy, so these slippers are perfect for those chillier days in Florida. She's still working from home and would be happy to wear these while working at her desk."

best pajama sets

"Unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning has always been one of my favorite traditions, but it's even more so now that it's one of the only times our whole family is together during the year." — Kristen Nichols, Senior Editor


Shop the matching Daydream Sweater Sleep Tank ($79).

"I never buy sleepwear for myself but always love receiving it as a gift. This chic set is exactly what I'd want to unwrap and lounge around in at home."


Shop the matching Nighttime Bliss Sleep Tee ($39).

"Our family has a tradition of opening a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve, so we can all wake up and wear them for Christmas brunch. I have my eye on this pair for my sister."

cozy holiday gifts

"I love to give and receive cozy gifts to get in the holiday spirit. Think pajamas, pine-scented candles, sweatshirts, tea, and more." — Erin Fitzpatrick, Senior News Editor


"I work from home, so I'm never going to regret investing in comfy things to wear around the house like these pants. I love this pretty pastel-green color and the comfortable wide-leg silhouette."


"I'd buy this super-cute coat for my mom. I know she'd appreciate the warm sherpa feel for early-morning dog walks. It's the perfect combination of functional and stylish."

soft hoodie

"Even though I miss spending the holidays at the beach back home, it's so much fun celebrating Christmas in the northern hemisphere, like I grew up seeing in the movies. I love buying all the cute, cozy, wearable things." — Natalie Cantell, Senior Director


"My pet peeve is when a cute winter coat isn't cozy on the inside, so I'm currently in the market for soft layers to take the chill off that silky lining. A luxe neutral hoodie gives off the kind of elevated-chill vibes I'm always shooting for."


"My mum is into fun accessories but tends to shop for more classic pieces for herself, so gifting her with something like this is perfect. Also, my sister will definitely borrow it from her, which is the highest compliment."

gift ideas

"We usually have a present-unwrapping extravaganza at my house on Christmas morning, but this year, we all decided to cut back and just focus on getting gifts that are more meaningful. I'm excited to work on coming up with things that my family will truly love and cherish." — Anneliese Dominguez, Editor


"I recently spilled coffee on one of my cream sherpa coats. (I'm truly so sad!) I'm treating myself to a new one because it's one of those cozy, chic winter pieces that I wear on repeat every week."


"My mom's favorite color is pink, and I swear all of her cozy clothes are that color (her robes, pajama bottoms, tank tops—you name it). It only feels fitting to get her another ultra-soft, rose-colored piece to add to her collection."