Hailey Bieber's Trainer Shares the Key to a Successful At-Home Workout



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When I stepped inside Shannon Nadj’s Hot Pilates studio for the first time, I was honestly in awe. It felt so much more like a spa than a workout studio that, for a split second, I forgot I was there to get my ass kicked. It definitely doesn’t surprise me that celebs like Hailey Bieber, Sofia Richie, and Selena Gomez frequent the spot—from the latest Drake track blasting out the speakers to the candles burning all around the studio, it’s not a bad place to spend an hour.

During self-quarantine, I've been taking advantage of the studio's YouTube sessions and IG Live classes, so I decided to hit up Shannon and get her advice on how to make this at-home-workout lifestyle just as fun as her IRL classes. Her answer? "Create a vibe. Music is my motivation and I update my playlist daily. I turn up the heat in my house to 90°. (The studio is set to 95°, but that’s okay for now. Trust me—I sweat it up!) I burn a candle—scent is so important—and create enough space for myself to move freely."

She also recommended setting a ritual for before beginning a workout: "Before an at-home workout I have a few rituals: I burn palo santo to set the vibe, listen to a positive podcast (especially if I’m working out in the morning), and find motivation reflecting on all the amazing people around the world—that helps me look forward to my workout. Also my coffee or matcha latte!"

So if you're in need of a little inspiration yourself, continue reading for Shannon's favorite at-home workout pieces (featuring some really cute leggings), plus other essentials the fitness guru can't live without. Get a pad of paper because you'll definitely want to take notes.

At-Home Workout Essentials:

I am so excited about our exclusive collection made in collaboration with Year of Ours.

Stylish lightweights are great for on-the-go workouts. Many of our clients wear their Bala Bangles during their Pilates practice to take their workout to the next level.

These are great for noise cancellation, so I can focus on my workout.

Manduka mats are a staple at my studios and in my personal practice.

I love these sneakers for day-to-day errands, work, and the gym.

This is essential for my booty routine.

Beauty Must-Haves:

This is one of my skincare essentials—I can’t leave the house without it.

Three words—get that glow. You’ll thank me later!

I try to avoid tanning my face, so this bronzer gives me an added glow.

Hydration is so important. In addition to drinking tons of water, I love using this mist.

I have so many of these balms because I truly can’t be without them.

Made with natural ingredients, yet it's effective.

I’m very particular about scents, but I'm obsessed with this one.

Scrub off the dead skin with this body scrub—it does wonders.

Lifestyle Favorites:

I love the "get hot" pullover sweatshirt and sweatpants in both black and white. You can't go wrong with a comfy matching set.

Between teaching and filming content for my YouTube channel, Get Hot With Shannon Nadj, I’m constantly speaking. I do my best to soothe my vocal cords, and this tea works wonders.

Who wants a dead phone? I’m constantly on the go between my studios, private clients, and collaborative projects. This charger keeps me connected.

This brand is so cozy and perfect for lounging or dressing up. I also love the matching top.