These 7 Halloween Costumes Require a Single Trip to ASOS


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I love Halloween, but I'm notorious for trying to throw together a costume at 8 p.m. on October 31 just a few minutes before heading out the door to a spooky soirée with my best friends. This year, however, I vowed to do it differently. I'm planning ahead, and my goal (as it usually is) is to buy pieces that have a lifecycle that extends far beyond October 31 (aka pieces that I can actually wear in the real-world). 

My solution? An ASOS Halloween costume, which simply means buying pieces from the retailer's vast section that reference a pop icon, a literary character, or more and that also seamlessly fit into my wardrobe. The best part about an ASOS Halloween costume, though? I don't even have to leave my house to get it—all I do is order it and it'll be at my doorstep in a few shorts days.

As you'd expect, you can really find all the makings of practically every costume imaginable at ASOS. But I narrowed it down to seven ideas that I think you'll want to try this year. See the costumes and shop the key pieces, below. 

Baby Spice


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Pay homage to the iconic '90s girl band by dressing up as Baby Spice. Frock options are endless, but you need sky-high sneakers.

Boo from Monsters, Inc.


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This might be the cutest Halloween costume around.

Ariana Grande


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Now's your chance to let your inner pop star shine brighter than ever before.

Beyoncé at Coachella


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Be Beyoncé—need we say more? No.

Mrs. Doubtfire


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For a fun, humorous costume, consider channeling your inner Mrs. Doubtfire.

Carrie Bradshaw


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We all wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw at one point, so why not be her for Halloween?

Kate Moss (or any '90s Supermodel)


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Trust—this slip dress outfit will get so much use once Halloween is over.

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Eva Thomas