9 Halloween Costumes With Sneakers

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to be as extra as you want to be. Whether you're a fan of glitter, face paint, sequins, bold colors, you name it, Halloween is when you serve looks. Period. However, more often than not, those looks aren't the most comfortable. Yes, they are stunners that will gather all the Instagram likes, but your feet could potentially hate you at the end of the night if you don't choose the right footwear. That's why this year, we highly suggest aiming for Halloween costumes with sneakers.

Instead of planning your costume from the makeup down to the shoes, start from the bottom up. This way, you'll guarantee comfort without sacrificing your winning costume. The best of both worlds, if you ask us. If you want to see what we're talking about, scroll down to get inspired by nine Halloween costumes with sneakers that are the perfect mix between casual and cool.

Grace Coddington

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No Grace Coddington costume is complete without a good pair of slip-on sneakers.

Boo from Monsters Inc.

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Your trusty white sneakers are the perfect finishing touch to this Disney-inspired costume.

Steve Jobs

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Okay, the photo you see here is of Annie Hall (another great Halloween costume idea), but slide to the second pic so you can see how to put your New Balance sneakers to use for a Steve Jobs outfit.

Santa's Helper


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As the clock strikes midnight on the 31st, you'll already be in the Christmas spirit with this costume.

'90s Throwback


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Hard to resist a '90s-era costume when your closet is currently filled with nostalgia trends. In this case, we're looking to Scary Spice in all her stylish glory.


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Let Queen B and family show you how an amazing Salt-N-Pepa costume is done.

Debbi Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys

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By now, we have all noticed that we have more things in common with Debby than what we thought we did when we were younger. So, dressing up as her this Halloween seems more than fitting.

A Ghost

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Say hello to the ultimate comfortable Halloween costume.

Where's Waldo?

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Bring your chunkiest sneakers out to play this Halloween.

Proof that sneakers will forever be the Halloween MVPs.