I'll Be Kicking Off 2021 With These 5 Anti-Trends

You can take your built-in G-strings (yes, that's an unfortunate thing happening out in fashionland), glitzy Crocs and arm warmers—I'm just not interested. When it comes to trends, I love hunting them down, I love reporting on them and I love seeing them out in the wild, but introducing them to my own wardrobe? I've got a metaphorical Phil and Grant Mitchell standing on the door blocking everyone and everything. If your name's not down, love, you're not comin' in.

I'm not dead inside: Some new looks and key piece do get a chance. Right now, for example, I feel quite partial to a pair of feather-trimmed pajamas for all the parties we're not allowed to go to… However, in general, I've come to learn over the years that my closet functions best when it's full of the items that just speak to me no matter what the season, designers or influencer set might dictate at the time. And my look certainly isn't minimal—so how does this work? I wear what I consider to be "anti-trends." They're neither fashionable nor decidedly unfashionable, they just work for me and have done for some time now. They're not of-the-moment, nor are they completely passé. They're not necessarily classic or basic but you'll find they slot into your day-to-day getting-dressed routines very easily. 

Below I've charted the anti-trends I'll be wearing throughout 2021, as well as some advice on where to shop out the best versions and what to pair them with.


Make it as wild or as basic as you like, the styling around a printed midi skirt gives you endless options. They're neither as "en vogue" as they were about five years nor totally naff—the printed midi has reached a sweet spot where it's become an unexpected but reliable staple in many a wardrobe.


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Must we forever reinvent the wheel? I think not! That's why the classic, tried-and-true combination of a statement top with jeans will always be in an anti-trend girl's armoury. Make it loud with decorative knitwear, subtle with swishy sleeves or just straight up-OTT with something satin and cerise.


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Where print-clashing and tricky styling ideas can change like the wind (not to mention be rather difficult to get "right") I'd say that wearing a tonal or head-to-toe colour outfit always looks flattering and always works. You can go bright and beautiful or neutral and sophisticated—either is an easy look to assemble and you will feel confident, promise. For me next year it's all about shades of pink and orange.


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Be gone frills, bows and fringing! Those little embellishments can often tie a style to a season, which means they can feel outmoded more easily. So, instead, opt for super-minimal, über-plain dresses that fit you perfectly, in a colour you love, and you'll never not look chic.


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Jewellery trends come and go, but magpies and insiders will always appreciate a solid vintage jewellery investment. It means you can pick something unique, which only further helps to define your personal style.


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