I Get Told I Look Like a "Bougie Auntie" When I Wear This Anti-Trend Outfit

I'll admit it—I hate getting dressed in the summer. The weather always confuses me, especially with the sporadic temperature changes we've been having as of late. It can be 90° outside, but then the office or your apartment will be freezing cold, so I'm always spending a little too much time staring at my closet in the morning and wondering what on Earth I'm supposed to wear. Lately, I've been resorting to an easy outfit formula—wide-leg pants, a basic top, and a sweater thrown over my shoulders. I didn't think much of it, but when compliments kept getting thrown my way and I got told I looked like a "bougie auntie," I realized the simple outfit was chicer than I had thought. It also makes sense for the weather, as I can throw on and take off the sweater as need be. 

I own only a few variations of this outfit, but I've been gravitating toward these pieces more than anything else in my summer wardrobe. Even as a fashion editor, I've come to the realization that it's okay to just stick with a more pared-back approach sometimes, and that doesn't negate or take away from what's deemed stylish. If you're also struggling with what to wear this summer and want to take note of my go-to formula, I've found inspiration from others in the fashion set who have put their own spin on the look as well as where to shop the pieces. Keep scrolling for roomy trousers, linen pants, classic button-downs, easy tanks, and more. 

You might already own a white tank, but is it as flattering as this one?

I can see myself reaching for these all summer.

J.Crew's knits deserve a standing ovation. They're comfortable, high-quality, and incredibly soft.



In a recent Nordstrom try-on, I tested out this top and immediately wanted to take it home with me. It has the perfect relaxed fit and feels lightweight without losing its shape or structure.

This is another item I tried on, and having never worn Madewell's trousers before, I was thoroughly impressed. They felt more casual than my usual work-style trousers but still more elevated than typical linen pants.

I'll take this in all the colorways, please!



Free People knows how to make a comfy top you just want to live in.



It's hard not to add H&M's cheap basics to your cart. 

These will surely sell out in no time.

Zara's knits may be affordable, but they're also ridiculously comfortable. Don't be fooled by the price.



Don't underestimate the power of a good-quality white T-shirt.

I have yet to own a pair of black linen pants, but I think that's about to change. Thanks, H&M.

When it gets chilly at night, this would look good worn on top of the T-shirt.

I've always thought a high-neck tank just looks more put-together than a strappy one.

Some like their trousers loose and low-waisted, but if a more cinched waist is your preference, these are your ideal pick.

A simple sweater you'll reach for often.



This whole outfit, as simple as it is, just screams chic to me.

H&M has got you covered with plenty of cheap basics like this easy tank.

You'll be the best dressed in the room with these pants on.



The seamless trim makes this tank feel more elevated.

Everytime I see someone with a Jenni Kayne cardigan on, I get very close to hitting "purchase."

Linen is the obvious favorite of summer fabrics, but I'm also a big fan of modal to battle the heat.

This will look just as great loosely thrown over your shoulder as it does on.

On the hunt for a more interesting basic? Here you go.

Another find I was impressed with in my latest Nordstrom try-on.

This has already sold out on Nordstrom, but don't fret—it's still in stock on the brand's site.

It's giving "rich mom in the Hamptons" vibes.

The fold-over waist really is what caught my eye. This pair is high on my wish list right now.

I couldn't help but include another J.Crew sweater. They're just too good not to share.