This Stunning Dior Wedding Dress Took 5 Months to Make

There are weddings, and then there are weddings. Angelababy, a Chinese actress with millions of fans the world over, said “I do” to her now-husband, Huang Xiaoming, and for the lavish affair—which, by the way, is rumored to have cost $43 million—the star had her Christian Dior dress custom-made over five months.

Dior shared images of the couture creation on its Instagram page, detailing that “after two fittings and nearly five months of meticulous work, discover a radiant Angelababy [in] her Dior bespoke ivory satin organza wedding dress. To create Angelababy’s bespoke wedding dress, the toile was constructed and molded on a wooden body form matching the young woman’s measurements.”

There are different levels of fanciness in this world, and this affair is certainly on a whole new one. Keep scrolling to see the beautiful gown now!