Get These Emerging Brands on Your Radar Before Everyone Else Does


Sandra Semburg

The most satisfying answer to "Where did you get that?" is always going to be "Well, it's this new brand you might not have heard of yet…" But not in a know-it-all way—more like how you let a friend in on a really good secret.

And the people with the best secrets of all are the ones who have made it their jobs to scour the world (and, in some cases, Tumblr) for the brands the rest of us absolutely need to know about, whether it's a line of shoes that look like they could be housed in a modern art gallery or a jumpsuit label that makes us wonder why we own anything but all-in-one outfits.

Below, we asked five of our favorite independent boutique owners that specialize in scouting up-and-coming designers for the ones they're most excited about now (and believe me, they all had trouble narrowing it down to just a few).

Next, meet the under-the-radar French brand our editors are obsessed with.