Unique Engagement Rings Keep Getting Better—Here's the Latest Trend to Surface

There’s no denying it anymore: Nontraditional engagement rings are more than just a fad. And if you’ve been keeping tabs on the biggest engagement ring trends in recent years—regardless of where you are in terms of having a ring on your finger—then you already know that alternative stones have been steadily gaining traction in the jewelry world.

Amethyst engagement rings



We’ve already told you about the trends of classic pearls and rich green emeralds and even the unexpected moment of aquamarine options. Now, there’s a new trend taking over the unconventional bridal jewelry world: amethyst engagement rings. Perhaps it’s the soft, romantic shade of purple that’s drawn our attention or the fact that designers have taken on the stone in a variety of shapes and settings. But one thing’s for sure: You won’t find many engagement rings like these.

Whether you’re searching for options to drop hints to your S.O., or you simply want to add to your vision board, we’ve pulled together the prettiest (and coolest) amethyst rings that’ll be perfect for any nontraditional bride's engagement. Check them all out below.

The enamel halo gives this ring such a modern appeal.

Want a ring that feels like more than an engagement ring? Get yourself this shield ring, which opens up to reveal a hidden gem.

Price upon request.

Talk about an unconventional engagement ring.

If you're constantly inspired by the galaxy and solar system, this ring is for you.

If you think of yourself as a low-key bride, consider this dainty ring for your engagement.

With 18k gold and an 6 carat amethyst, this ring is bound to stun.

Any unconventional minimalist bride would approve.

With the accompanying diamonds, this is truly classic.

When you want a ring that feels unquestionably unique but still feels classic.

You can never go wrong with a timeless solitaire setting.

But just in case round cuts aren't your thing, an emerald looks just as good.