All the Secret Gems in My Amazon Cart Right Now

Street Style


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

Welcome to the worst-kept secret: my Amazon fashion wish list. Sorry, no baking essentials or household cleaning products today, but perhaps another time? Those things are equally important, but for now, I’m focusing on the wearable finds that have my heart and cart overflowing, and, as always, there’s quite a lot to digest. Not sure how it happened, but once I get started scanning the 'zon, things have a tendency to get out of control!

From new (and kind of random) trends to basic-but-important essentials to affordable swimwear gems and everything in between, below you’ll find 26 highly reviewed and highly stylish summer must-haves. All—I actually just realized—are conveniently under $100 and, oftentimes, well under. To get started scoping out my picks and building a covetable-and-affordable summer wardrobe, just keep scrolling friends.

I'm not the best at DIYs, so I'll be buying my tie-dye this season.

Summer and ribbed tanks go hand in hand.

My only question is which colorway I should get these in.

I have a thing for pajama sets, and this one looks perfect. Plus, it has amazing reviews.

I already own these but love them so much I'm compelled to buy another three-pack.

I plan to wear tube tops with sweatpants and jeans this season, and this $6 style will do the trick.

These under-$100 jeans look better than most designer pairs.

I'll be living in these come summer.

I love a good pareu, and a mini style is always my first choice.

A white hoodie has an unexpected polished quality.

For days when it's too hot for pants.

Get this pack and share with your friends on your next group vacation.