I Use This Amazon Shopping Tool to Find All My Summer Wardrobe Staples

While it’s never been my first instinct to shop for clothing on Amazon, I know I’ve been missing out on an actual goldmine. My friends and colleagues have been urging me for some time now to start, so when I found out my impeccably dressed friend and co-worker Anneliese Dominguez shops on the site as well, I knew I had to get started. The associate editor here at Who What Wear has classic and chic style, so naturally, I trust her when she tells me it’s her go-to place to shop when she’s looking to add more staples to her wardrobe.

As if I needed another reason to be convinced about Amazon's fashion section, she told me about StyleSnap, a tool you can find on the Amazon app that helps you shop for similar items simply by uploading an image of an outfit you love. Yes, you really just read that. It’s like the future of shopping, and I am here for it. Anneliese showed me how she shops for her favorite summer staples with the app, and honestly, I’m not sure how I went all these years without it.


Ready to start using the shopping tool, too? Screenshot any of Anneliese’s looks showing her essential summer items below and follow these easy steps to find similar pieces for your own wardrobe.

Ribbed-Knit Tank Top

"There are some days when I want to throw out everything in my closet and replace everything with neutrals. There is something so chic about pairing off-white and white together—it instantly elevates any outfit. Plus, a ribbed tank is kind of everything to fashion girls right now. If you're like me and need to refine your search for the perfect ribbed tank, trust me when I tell you to use your Amazon app. I used StyleSnap to find more ribbed tanks to add to my summer wardrobe, and I found a slew at different price points. Below are some of my favorites."

Floral Dress

"I'm pretty sure I would wear a floral dress every day if I could. It's classic and stylish and a no-brainer for summer. I've been on the hunt for a style that works with my current favorite accessory: strappy sandals. On StyleSnap, I uploaded an image of an influencer in an outfit that I loved and was served so many similar options. These three were my favorites."

Straight-Leg Jeans

"Without a staple pair of denim, my closet is nothing. I have more than I can count, but I always turn to my trusty straight-leg blue jeans. I literally pair these with everything—pretty tops, oversize blazers, casual sweatshirts, you name it. You really can't go wrong. I needed to add a few more similar options to my wardrobe, so I snapped a pic of my favorite pair and uploaded the image to StyleSnap. Here are the three that I just added to my wardrobe."

Ready to shop? Scroll back up and take screenshots of Anna's looks, save the handy instruction card, and log in to your Amazon app.