Luxury Designers Are Now Available on Amazon, so Yes, Dreams Do Come True

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There's something about Amazon that always just keeps me going back. Perhaps it's the fact that my whole life could entirely be supplied from the site or maybe it's the convenience of the app, where I can have something ordered within a matter of seconds. But most likely, it's because I'm extremely impatient and feel I need things delivered to me in under 48 hours (oops). Nonetheless, visiting the retailer is second nature to me now.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. Go ahead and call me dramatic, but I’m kind of freaking out over Amazon launching its Luxury Stores, where Prime members can now purchase coveted and emerging high-end designers straight from the app, and only the app. (Trust me: You’ll freak out, too, when you watch this premiere video with the stunning Cara Delevingne.) So listen, I’d download now to get in on all this—just saying.


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It's no surprise that Amazon has basically become everyone's go-to site for its product assortment, ease-of-use, and reliability. The fact that I can now shop pricer luxury items in the same way I've come to know and love on Amazon is a complete game changer. I just can't believe I can browse high-end brands like Oscar de la Renta, La Perla, and Roland Mouret with such ease. Plus, there's a new interactive feature called "View in 360" that will let anyone explore styles in 360-degree detail to better visualize fit. Has luxury shopping ever been so easy?


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As of today, Prime members can use the app on their iPhone or Android to shop inclusive ready-to-wear, stylish handbags, and must-have accessories from a handful of luxury brands, with many more launching in the coming months. The catch? You have to request an invite for access to the shop. Yup, it's that exclusive.

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