The Trendiest Fashion Items Are Under $50 on Amazon

As we all know, Amazon can be both magical and maddening—magical because it sells everything you can possibly need in life and maddening for pretty much the same reason. There's a LOT of digging to do (or, in this case, scrolling) to find what you need and/or want. So instead of missing out on all the current trends there are to be had (bought) on Amazon, stick with us. (And don't forget to check out our extensive Amazon Prime Day coverage.)

Amazon is brilliant for trend shopping because, as you know, many trends aren't made to last. But that doesn't mean we don't want to try them while they're hot any less. (Sidenote: Some of the trends in the roundup below are made to last, so that's even better.) Believe it or not, all 20 trends below are under $50, and most are well under $50. We found the most stylish option for each trend, including one of summer's biggest denim trends and shoe trends for $27 each, and the tank top style every fashion girl is wearing for $15. Scroll on to shop all the trendy Amazon pieces we're referring to and more. 

The Trend: Anklets

We suggest buying several of these for a cool layered look.

The Trend: Puff-Sleeve Smocked Dresses

We challenge you to name a more flattering dress trend.

The Trend: Cropped Cardigans

Bonus: This minty green color is also a new trend.

The Trend: Sporty Sandals

They're as comfortable as they are trendy.

The Trend: Hair Clips

There are numerous hairstyles to create with this pack of bobby pins.

The Trend: Bike Shorts

Amazon shoppers rave about these bike shorts.

The Trend: Pearls

Go with the 16" version of the most of-the-moment look.

The Trend: Tie-Dye

No reason to spend more on a tie-dye tee when versions this good exist for $13.

The Trend: Loose-Fit Jeans

Trade your skinny jeans for a pair of loose jeans this season (everyone's doing it!).

The Trend: Bucket Hats

The perfect accessory to wear with your favorite swimsuit.

The Trend: Hot Pink

Add a pair of white sneakers and you're good to go.

The Trend: Cargo Pants

So many celebs have been wearing Dickies pants recently.

The Trend: Animal Print

The chicest hair accessory $8 can buy.

The Trend: Beige

This silky blouse is perfect for work.

The Trend: One-Shoulder Tanks

One-shoulder tanks are all over Instagram right now, FYI.

The Trend: Kitten Heels

You'll wear these versatile, walkable heels constantly (trust us).

The Trend: Long Shorts

Give your short shorts a breather this summer.

The Trend: Crystal Belts

Sorry, we're still not over sparkly belts.

The Trend: Flip-Flops

The days of flip-flops being a faux pas are gone.

The Trend: Neon

Sporty neon is our favorite neon.

The Trend: Retro Swimsuits

The beauty of retro swimsuits is that they provide plenty of coverage (if that's your MO).

The Trend: '70s Sunglasses

Say goodbye to the tiny sunglasses trend and hello to oversize shades.

The Trend: Slip Skirts

We have a hunch that this trend will never go out of style.

The Trend: Sheer Socks

This is how to wear the socks-with-sandals trend in the summer.

The Trend: Square-Neck Tops

You get two trends in one with this neon square-neck tank.