Black Friday Never Ended for Amazon—Shop the Best Secret Deals

Amazon fashion deals in December


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

No, this is not a drill. We realize that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals came to a close approximately 11 days ago, but it seems that everyone at Amazon decided to throw away their calendars this year and keep all the deals going well into December. So if you missed out on shopping some major Black Friday deals over the holiday, consider this your second chance at scoring big. The e-commerce giant is currently launching a "12 days of deals" campaign and, lucky you, today is the day of fashion deals.

What exactly does that mean? Amazon is listing deals in all of its departments throughout the month of December, but on certain days it's doubling down on a specific one. Since December 7 marks the day of fashion deals, many of these sales will be ending in a matter of hours. All the more reason to hop to it! But don't fret, there will still be a number of ongoing fashion sales to shop from now until December 13.

Well, what are you waiting for? Shop our most stylish picks from the secret post-holiday sales, all of which you could feasibly be wearing in two days thanks to that two-day Prime shipping. We highly suggest you start adding to cart as we speak—or risk regretting a few sartorial missed connections down the line.