I Did a Ton of Amazon Clothing Research—These Styles Will Get the Most Wear

Amazon Best Clothing



I've stashed more than a few tips and tricks up my sleeve as a fashion editor, but I always come back to one, in particular, that has yet to fail me: Shopping for clothes on Amazon is a game-changer. As someone who loves an elevated basic—think knit pants (always), chunky sweaters (yes, please), and silky midi skirts (forever), I can't think of many places to go that offer all of the aforementioned at prices that don't leave me afraid to check my bank account after. 

From my favorite Amazon brands such as The Drop to household names we know and love such as Levi's (that are more often than not on an epic sale), I've never left my virtual cart empty. Whether that's truly good or bad for my savings plans, I can't say, but it's done wonders for my closet. No matter what trend you're hoping to indulge in—shackets, miniskirts, you name it—you're bound to find your needs met ahead. 

I'm really into white tanks with jeans right now.

I'll be repeat-wearing this without an ounce of shame.

Layer a collared top underneath for those "dark academia" vibes.

Not to get all L.A. on you, but I want to wear this to the beach on a breezy day.

Snag this and it's guaranteed to become your holy grail.

It's the little seaming detail under the bust for me.

I'm overly excited about how many colorways this skirt comes in.

I've seen some cute sweater-vests, but this is top tier.

I would love to see this with a sheer brown top.

Taking a moment to appreciate this discounted price.

Strappy sandal heels look so good with this kind of skirt.

Your wardrobe needs a shacket. I don't make the rules.

These pants pass the vibe check for fashionable and functional.

All this needs is a chic pair of cargo pants.

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