13 Reasons Why Actress Alisha Boe on Wearing the Dress of Her Dreams
13 Reasons Why Actress Alisha Boe on Wearing the Dress of Her Dreams

13 Reasons Why Actress Alisha Boe on Wearing the Dress of Her Dreams

With a constant stream of red carpet events to attend, it's easy for actresses to get jaded when it comes to designer dresses and jewelry. But 13 Reasons Why actress Alisha Boe definitely isn't immune to that pinch-me moment you get when you slip on the perfect look. Who What Wear got ready with the 21-year-old ahead of the MTV Movie and TV Awards, airing tonight, and she told us about her custom Markarian dress that's "fulfilling all of [her] Old Hollywood dreams."

As luck would have it, Boe and her stylist, Amanda Lim, settled on the very first dress she tried on. "Its beautiful iridescence and incredible corsetry made for a romantic, feminine look that still conveyed a quiet strength," Lim told Who What Wear. "I loved having the opportunity to work with Alexandra [O'Neill, Markarian founder and designer]." Boe's red carpet look also included Irene Neuwirth necklace and rings, Jacquie Aiche earrings, Manolo Blahnik heels, and a Jimmy Choo clutch. Scroll down for our exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and interview with the 13 Reasons Why actress.


Erin Pederson

Tell me about your look for the show tonight. 

It's a custom Markarian dress, and it's fulfilling all of my Old Hollywood dreams. [My stylist] Amanda [Lim] was super, super helpful. It's basically what I feel most confident in, and it's easy to move around in, so it's something I'll feel very beautiful in.

How many options did you go through before settling on the dress?

It was actually the first dress I tried on. I notoriously hate fittings, and luckily I tried the first one on and it was custom, so it fit like a glove and I loved it. It's my favorite thing that I'm probably going to wear, and it took like 10 minutes [to decide on]. 

In general, what do you look for when choosing a red carpet look?

What I look for is confidence. If you're not feeling like yourself on the carpet, it will be really hard to translate that you feel beautiful. I look at the red carpet as a very unnatural thing. I'm an actor, not a model, so it's a long process of okay, I'm going to stand here and I'm going to pose like this and people are going to yell at me to smile. If I feel insecure in any way, then it's just not going to be good. So in every outfit, I hope to find something that I would personally wear in my day-to-day or something that I feel very very confident in and proud to be in in order to take the photos. 


Erin Pederson

Comfort usually helps people to be confident as well. Do you have any favorite comfortable shoes for the red carpet?

Oh my God, yes. I always love platforms. I'm obsessed with shoes, and I love platforms. Like David Bowie platforms, '70s-style platforms—just like really cool shoes. I really, really cannot deal with sandal heels with the really thin straps. My ankle will roll in those; they are so painful. 

What about specific shoe brands? 

I'm still learning. Honestly, I’m very, very thankful for Amanda because I know nothing about the fashion industry and I'm learning slowly. I don't think I have one particular brand that I'm in love with. I just see a shoe, and I’m like oh this looks cute, you know?

Do you have any getting-ready rituals for big events like this? 

I usually like to have my mom, my little brother, or my best friends around when I'm getting ready because I get so nervous for these events—it's a lot. And I play really nice music to have a calm vibe, and I remember to have fun. At the end of the day, it's not that serious and you're there for a good time and to celebrate good things. 


Erin Pederson

So what are you most excited about for the MTV Movie and TV Awards tonight?

I think I am excited to see [host] Tiffany Hadish in the flesh. I'm obsessed with her, and she's the most hilarious woman on Earth.

Let's talk about 13 Reasons Why. What are you looking forward to in season three?

I'm just looking forward to getting the first script. I mean, it's going to be a continuation of the second season, so we're going to see a lot of unanswered questions be answered. But as of right now, I kind of have no idea what's going to be happening for season three. I really don't know; I'm just ready to take the ride. And I'm excited to get back with my cast. 

What is the dynamic like with the cast on set?

It's a super-collaborative cast and crew. We're a super-collaborative group of people, and we all really take good care of each other. We're very close friends and the crew is like family. So it's kind of my second home. After next season, it will be three years. So, yeah, it's a wonderful place to work and be able to be vulnerable and all of that.