I Had Problematic Skin Growing Up—Here's What Fixed It

Alicia Yoon's favorite beauty products of all time


Alicia Yoon

The Lineup is a monthly series where we’re giving you an inside peek at the beauty lineups of cool fashion people, editors, makeup artists, hairstylists, and estheticians—all the people we trust the most. Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at all the can’t-live-without products that make their worlds go 'round.

We're living in unprecedented times right now, and if there's anything I've learned over the last seven months, it's that a little TLC goes a long way. Heck, even just trying a new product is a welcome distraction from all the chaos happening in the world right now. So I was happy to hear that Alicia Yoon, the founder of everyone's favorite Korean beauty e-commerce site Peach & Lily, is on the same page as me.

"Skincare doesn’t need to be a chore, but it can be a moment of soothing self-care," says Yoon. "It's nice to start and end the day by spending time connecting with myself in quiet and peace. I make sure products are displayed nicely, easy to reach, clean, effective, sensorial, and delightful."

Alicia Yoon


Alicia Yoon

Clean, effective, and delightful is exactly what you'll find on Peach & Lily. Yoon struggled with severe eczema flare-ups and super dry, sensitive skin growing up, so she became passionate about helping others transform their skin after she learned how to manage her own during esthetician school. This passion is what led her to launch Peach & Lily, where she's able to curate products methodically while educating customers on ways to improve their skin using nontoxic ingredients. But products aren't everything. In fact, Yoon swears by facial yoga and has been doing it for twenty years. "Say 'A, E, I, O, U' in a super exaggerated way to work out all the surrounding muscles. Repeat five times a day and really feel the stretch and flexing of the muscles."

Well, if Yoon does facial yoga, I'm going to do facial yoga. Meanwhile, I'm also going to enjoy the lineup of her must-have products because I assure you my self-care routine will improve because of it (and so will yours).

"I’m a big believer in double-cleansing. The key is using an oil-based cleanser to dissolve stubborn oil-based impurities (SPF, makeup, sebum) and completely remove them from the skin and deep inside pores without tugging at the skin and stripping it dry. However, a lot of oil cleansers leave a heavy residue. I love that this one removes everything without a trace, and the best part is that skin is left so soft and fresh without any residue from the cleanser. It’s great for all skin types, and it’s the perfect start to an evening routine."

"This is my favorite cleanser. I have severe eczema, which is what developed my passion for skincare, and I find the cleansers that give you that satisfying clean feeling are typically laden with sulfates and drying. This cleanser does give you that super-satisfying, fresh feeling, but the skin is left really hydrated and supple. It also leaves my skin very calm after every use thanks to it being sulfate-free, nontoxic, 5.5 pH, and filled with beautiful, calming ingredients."

"SPF is one of the most important skincare products I turn to each day. As an esthetician, I have seen firsthand the massive difference wearing SPF daily can make. Twenty years later, I know my skin will thank me when I’ve prevented unnecessary accelerated signs of photodamage by wearing SPF every day. I search high and low for SPFs I know I’ll look forward to reapplying throughout the day since SPF technology hasn’t yet been developed where one application in the morning is sufficient for the whole day. This is the perfect SPF 50+ PA++++ that leaves zero white cast, never breaks me out, feels like I have nothing on, but also makes my skin baby soft."

"This is my holy grail product, hands down. I never go a day without it. I can tell right away when I don’t incorporate this into my routine because my skin doesn’t have that extra healthy look and feel that makes it glassy from the inside out. I love that this sinks right in and immediately plumps skin up with hydration while also providing long-lasting hydration. It’s a serum that does it all for me: helps make any dark spots look fully faded thanks to 2% niacinamide; makes my skin look and feel super firm; smooths my wrinkles thanks to peptides; nourishes and delivers antioxidants with cica and peach extract. Basically, it gives me glass skin every day."

"This is such a treat after showering. I have dry skin, so I need something that’ll be intensively hydrating through all seasons. This does all that without any stickiness, and an extra perk is that it helps to firm at the same time. It’s fragrance-free, but the natural oils have a subtle, soothing scent that transports me to a spa after every shower."

"Lightweight texture, heavyweight hydration! The matcha also calms my skin while giving my skin a healthy dose of antioxidants, and the adenosine helps firm skin. It never pills and wears beautifully either on its own or under makeup. This is my dream moisturizer."

"These are a lifesaver for me. Any underground pimples are eliminated even before they come to a head. These just work."

"Daily stressors like A/A, heating, pollution, blue light, and other toxins can take a toll and create a dry, dull appearance—not to mention the damage that happens below the surface of the skin, too. This mist is my glass skin on tap. I wear it on bare skin, and it gives me glass skin instantly right before Zoom calls. I also love spritzing it over makeup as this acts like a glassy good-for-you highlighter. I keep this deskside to keep skin hydrated and replenished all day."

"This product brings so much joy! Everything from the natural uplifting scent of grapefruit to the packaging to the way the shea butter just melts into your skin. I apply this anywhere I want some extra love like my heels, flyaways, and ashy knees."

"Because skin needs attention that can vary day to day, I appreciate that these booster serums allow me to give my skin tailored care by day. For example, on days my skin is feeling a bit agitated, I incorporate the ceramide concentrated booster serum, and on days my skin is feeling a bit less hydrated and bouncy, I incorporate moisture-binding collagen. These were created by Korea’s biggest spa and are beloved by hundreds of thousands who see big differences when skin can be treated with specific boosters day to day."

"The rollerball makes it easy to apply and gives a slight massaging benefit. The oil dries down without getting all over my clothes, and this relieves any aches fast. I keep this around all the time for whenever I need some soothing for any little aches or pains."

"I love a good face oil. This one is amazing. It’s so light, but it’s packed with action—antioxidants and nutrients that leave skin radiant. The neroli in here helps to combat hyperpigmentation without drying skin. And the whole formula has this light natural scent that’s really uplifting and provides a luxurious experience while applying. After applying to my face, I always use whatever is leftover on my hands to massage into the backs of my hands as well."

"The best long-lasting glossy effect that I wear over makeup or bare skin. It’s transparent and rolls on nicely, and the glossy look lasts all day. I wear this even on my eyelids for glossy lids and around my orbital bones for a high sheen look. It’s easy to use and just amps everything up without any shimmery or pearly look."

"Heavenly Hopp is a perfect neutral color that matches any no-makeup or makeup look. And the oil is super-hydrating but not sticky. No flyaway hairs get stuck to lips or cheeks. I use this more on my lips than cheeks, but when I’m in a pinch and I’m out and about and need a quick pick-me-up, I apply this for a natural blush look, too."

"This cream helps to strengthen my skin so that it feels firmer and more hydrated, especially when it feels stressed. It leaves my skin soft yet matte. I like to use it for my neck to keep it fortified and feeling firm."

"This dry shampoo is unique because it’s both an excellent dry shampoo—really refreshes hair, minimizes any oil buildup, and gives hair that new-new look and feel—but it also works as a styling product. It gives hair a lot of volume and hold without being stiff like a hairspray. I have fine hair, so when I use this at my roots, it gives hair an extra lift with ease.

"This powder-form shampoo that lathers when combined with water is a winner. It cleans my hair and my scalp thoroughly, but it’s a really gentle and clean formula. It somehow leaves my dry hair so silky I sometimes skip conditioner. It also gives my hair a bit more volume, which I believe is from being able to cleanse any residue from the scalp so nothing is weighing it down. Plus, the powder formula makes it perfect for any travel or weekend getaways."

"This effortlessly gives my fine hair instant tousled, beachy waves. It’s so easy to use and is pretty foolproof. I keep it in my bathroom for whenever I want to style my hair with easy-breezy vibes."

"I’m a fan of the whole Sundays nail polish line. I’m pretty serious about eliminating toxins from my lifestyle—there are already so many in modern-day living that are potentially unavoidable, so the ones I can eliminate, I make a very conscious decision to do so. This line is free of a lot of toxins that many nail polish brands include without compromising on quality and color. The application, colors, shine, and staying power are all excellent."

"Scalp massages are everything. I leave this in my shower, and when I shampoo, I use this. It helps boost circulation and leaves my head feeling super rejuvenated and vibrant. It feels great, and it’s easy to wash and use. I love low-maintenance tools."