Everyone Loves This Fall Trend, Including a 78-Year-Old Icon

If you haven't yet seen the 1970s classic Love Story, then it's definitely time you watch it. Not only is it considered one of the most romantic films of all time (it's ranked in the ninth spot by the American Film Institute), but it was also the movie in which a beautiful young actress stole the hearts of everyone who watched her on screen. And now she's back, once again stealing your heart (and inspiring your fall wardrobe) in an interview with Porter.

The iconic actress? None other than 78-year-old Ali McGraw. And in this exclusive interview, she opens up about her marriage to Steve McQueen, women's liberation, and rejecting the expectations of Los Angeles. 

McGraw knows that things in today's Hollywood are not like they were in the '70s. With an ever-growing presence of technology (and cell phones), celebrities are under constant public surveillance. "The reality now is we live in an era where everybody can photograph you anywhere you are, have it published and get paid thousands of dollars," she says about celebrity culture today. "In the 1970s, we had clumps of paparazzi and you knew where they were – in front of certain hotels or whatever." 

After leaving behind her life in Hollywood, McGraw focused her attention on feminism. “I think the hope of the planet is women," she shares with the magazine. "And there is room for all kinds of us. Fist-clenching rage-a-thons are not me, but I respect that – and those who choose hope and connection.”

Her very inspiring words go along with a series of stunning photos (and outfits) shot in the New Mexico desert. But there was one look, in particular, that really caught our attention. Leaning against a wall, McGraw is dressed in what we're officially considering the most ageless outfit combo: a blazer and a pair of jeans—two wardrobe staples that truly transcend time and age. 

Keep reading to see the stunning photos of Ali McGraw and then shop some of our favorite blazers perfect for re-creating her timeless look. 

Photo: Pamela Hanson/Courtesy of Porter
Photo: Pamela Hanson/Courtesy of Porter
Photo: Pamela Hanson/Courtesy of Porter

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