This Shoe Trend Might Cancel Dad Sneakers

When Alexa Chung chooses to wear a trend, it's a pretty strong indication that it's a trend everyone will soon be wearing. She's one of the OG trendsetters of our generation and has proven her sartorial influence time and again. Case in point: Chung just launched her new shoe collaboration with Superga while wearing a pair of classic white sneakers that feel so much fresher than the dad sneaker trend at this point. With Adidas Continental, Reebok Classic, Converse Chuck Taylor, Vans Old Skool, and Veja V-10 sneakers increasing in popularity lately, Chung's endorsement of old-school sneakers (which she paired with an oversize leather jacket and a cream midi dress) is further proof that people may be taking a much-needed break from dad sneakers.

Upon further investigation, especially post-Coachella 2019 weekend one, we've found that the return of classic sneakers is undoubtedly upon us. Tons of celebs and influencers, in addition to Chung, have been swapping clunky dad sneakers for versatile sneakers that stand the test of time. (We'll be the first to say that we'd much rather spend our hard-earned money on a style that will never look dated.) That said, if you love dad sneakers, there's no need to worry—they're still very much a thing right now. We've just noticed a bit of a shift lately.

Keep scrolling to see which other stylish women on Instagram are wearing classic sneakers again and shop our favorites (including the Alexa Chung–designed pair).