Aimee Song's Closet-Organizing Hacks Are Best Sellers on Amazon

Aimee Song Closet Tips


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Did you have any doubt that Aimee Song would have a closet as enviable as her Instagram feed? She just shared a new YouTube tour of her wardrobe, and it's as enviable as they come, with rows upon rows of designer shoes and enough clothes to last a lifetime. Along with her video, she shared a post on her website detailing her favorite organizational hacks, and you can bet our ears perked up.

She listed several of her favorite organizational items, including velvet hangers, jewelry trays, and more. But we zeroed in on her $26 tip that's a best-selling item on Amazon: "My last trick for you guys is to get hidden hooks in your closet. This way you can hang some of your clothes on the side of your closet." The product description for her pick, the Newdora Folding Wall Mounted Clothes Hanger, explains how it saves you space: "It can swing 180 degrees to the left and right; you can swing it close to the wall to save space when you don't use it."

Her go-to shoe rack is also an Amazon favorite, with over 6200 positive reviews—you know that many people can't be wrong. Scroll down to watch her new closet tour and shop some of the organizational items she mentioned in her post.


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