15 Socks to Keep Your Feet Warm and Toasty This Winter

One thing that's worse than cold feet in the wintertime? To be quite frank, not much—but preventing the situation is actually quite simple. The two biggest culprits of icy feet are, you guessed it, shoes that may not technically be winterproof. (pro tip—opt for boots with a shearling-lined interior, and pack away your canvas sneakers!) and thin, worn-out socks.

The solution to the latter? Invest in a pair (or two) of warm socks that are guaranteed to keep your feet feeling oh so toasty, even when the temperatures drop into the 30s. Convinced you need to upgrade your sock drawer? Read on to see and shop 15 of the best socks to keep your feet warm. The best part? They won't burn a hole into your wallet, so feel free to scoop up more than one pair. 

Slipper socks—what's cozier than that?

A cute pair of socks rendered in plush fleece.

A classic pair you'll wear nonstop this winter.

Socks you actually want to be seen.

Another pair designed in warm, cozy fleece.

Adding these into our sock drawer—stat.

Slip into these cable knit socks for super toasty feet.

Of course, Ganni makes the pretties socks, too.

The consensus is clear: these keep your feet warm.

The fact that the word cozy is in the name of these socks is a huge selling point.

These warm socks even have a cushioned heel.

Socks you'll definitely want to show off.

Next up, shop more warm winter socks that have glowing customer reviews.