Incredible Under-$100 Shoes Your Closet Needs

If you’re anything like this editor and have a thing for shoes, right now is one of the best times to add some new pairs to your closet. We’ve hit this sweet spot in the season when many of the biggest shoe trends have already emerged so you can feel confident buying them to add to your closet. And that’s not the only reason. The summer sales are in full swing, meaning most of the coolest styles are now available with pretty sizable discounts.

Ahead I’m breaking down some of the season’s most notable shoe trends and where you can buy them for under $100. Whether you’re into “Cinderella” shoes or chunky sneakers, combat boots or pretty metallic heels, there’s something everyone is sure to love. Now is the time to order those last-minute pieces for your summer wardrobe, and shoes are a great place to start.