The Thriftiest Way to Dress Like Olivia Palermo

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a fan of Olivia Palermo’s enviable style. And who can blame you? The fashion icon’s looks are consistently admired and replicated, thanks to her accessible take on even the riskiest of trends. She does this by following trends but staying true to her personal style by pairing them with her favorite go-to pieces. What isn’t always accessible about Palermo’s outfits, however, is the price point. Inspired by a previous occasion when we crunched the numbers to copy the outfits of stylish celebrities for a fraction of the cost, we set out to do the same with Palermo (math!).

This undertaking served as a refreshing reminder that while Palermo does have the world of designer pieces at her fingertips, she often opts to wear affordable pieces along with her high-end ones, including those from her wallet-friendly collection at Nordstrom. We credit that mix of high and low as one of her secrets to sartorial success. What better star to have as the subject of this guide?

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