This $10 Amazon Find Is Causing a Serious Fervor

There’s nothing that gets me genuinely more genuinely excited than finding a unique gem down in the deep corners of Amazon that is on trend, ridiculously affordable, and likely not owned by a single other soul. Enter: these deep-sea green acrylic earrings I raved about last month in my roundup of summer treasures I found hiding on Amazon. Not only do they garner a myriad of compliments every time I wear them, but they’ve also become one of the highest-selling Amazon items on Who What Wear since being featured. And the best part? They ring it at a smiley-face-friendly $10. Praise be! Wear them to spruce up a simple jeans-and-white-tee combo, or pair them with your favorite party dress for a striking look. Shop them below along with some other cool and unique earrings I’ve unearthed from the infinite universe of Amazon.

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