6 Aesthetic-Inspired Hair Trends You're Going to Want to Copy ASAP

If you spend any time scrolling through Instagram or Tik Tok, you may have noticed that many people on the internet have curated a certain aesthetic for themselves. There are so many different directions you can go in when choosing an aesthetic—you can lean into Y2K vibes, channel the world of academia, or even try to make yourself look ethereal. 

Of course, you absolutely don't need to follow an aesthetic for yourself. You can mix and match as you please. But if you are trying to fit a certain aesthetic, there are plenty of options to consider.

Below, I've rounded up some of the most popular aesthetic trends on the internet right now, from E-girl to normcore. I've matched the best hair trends to each aesthetic so you can truly embody the look from head to toe. 


The E-girl aesthetic is about being plugged in. Think of E-girls as having anime-inspired looks that are derived from spending lots of time online. E-girls are known for vibrant hair and graphic eye makeup in bold colors.

The hair trend for you: vibrant colors

If you want to embrace the E-girl aesthetic, bright hair is the way to go. Opt for a color-depositing conditioner to keep things more subtle, or go for a dye if you want more of a wow factor. 


Normcore is exactly what it sounds like—embracing normal, unassuming looks. People embracing normcore opt for neutral colors, baseball hats, and dad jeans. 

The hair trend for you: low ponytail with a baseball cap

Don't put too much thought into this one. Just sweep back your hair into a low pony and top it with a worn-in baseball hat. 

Soft Girl 

If you want to go for a soft-girl aesthetic, you'll want to opt for hyper-feminine and cutesy clothes and accessories. Think tons of pastel hues in soft colors like baby pink, lilac, and sky blue. 

The hair trend for you: loose waves

Go for loose, blowout-style waves to accentuate your soft aesthetic.


Academia-influenced styles that might feel at home on a college campus are taking over. There are tons of different subcategories to this look, like dark academia, light academia, or art academia. But the main aesthetic stays the same—relaxed, cozy, and preppy.

The hair trend for you: practical low bun

Low buns are a big trend this year, and they happen to pair perfectly with an academia-inspired look.

Euphoria Baddie

Euphoria has basically taken over the culture at this point, even inspiring an entire aesthetic. Think Y2K-influenced looks with tons of glitter and amped-up drama.

The hair trend for you: slicked-back strands

Slicked-back strands look sleek and require minimal effort. We think Maddy would approve. 


You've probably heard of cottagecore before, and it's no surprise. At this point, it's basically a lifestyle. Cottagecore is all about embracing nature and romanticizing an agricultural lifestyle. 

The hair trend for you: natural texture

No matter what your natural texture is, cottagecore is all about embracing it. If you have curly hair, go for a curl cream or gel, and if your hair is naturally straighter, opt for an air-dry cream.