These Adidas Sneakers Are 700% More Popular Than the Brand's Other Styles

How much of a sneaker fanatic are you? Would you read a 2700-word piece that chronicles the impact of a single shoe style? If not, don't worry: We read it for you and gleaned some pretty cool facts. In honor of the shoe style's fifth anniversary, GQ just published a fascinating, in-depth piece on Adidas Boost sneakers, explaining how the design not only revolutionized the brand but in fact "changed the sneaker industry forever."

Just how important is the style for Adidas? For insight, the magaine tapped John Kernan, an analyst at financial services firm Cowen, who "specifically cites the Ultra Boost as the most successful Boost sneaker to date, in part because it has a profit margin 'several hundred percent more' than other Adidas sneakers," GQ explains.

Furthermore, Adidas executives credit the Boost design with revitalizing the brand. "People knew the three stripes, but until Boost, there was no reason for someone to choose Adidas over our competitors," Andy Barr, Adidas director of global creation, told GQ. "In our consumer groups, most people say Boost is the reason they've taken notice of us." If you're as intrigued as we are, scroll down to shop the iconic shoes in question.

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Opening Image: The Style Stalker