We're Calling It: These Are Going to Be Rihanna's New Favourite Sunnies

Adam Selman may be best known as Rihanna's right-hand man. He's not only her costume designer, but also her frequent collaborator, most recently on a capsule collection for River Island. The two make a good pair—both are drawn to a vaguely campy aesthetic. Selman, though, has slowly been stepping out of RiRi's shadow to make a name for himself solo. Though his collections so far have flown under the radar, a new sunglasses line with Le Specs may change that. The shades, which debuted on Style.com earlier today, are steeped in nostalgia, with exaggerated cateyes and loads of glitter. They're perfect for the girl who's not afraid to have fun and take a few risks with fashion. Hmm...sound like anyone we know???

Check out part of the lookbook below and head over to Style.com to see the rest!

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