6 It Girls I Always Turn to for the Best 2000s-Inspired Outfits

Unless you never look at social media or anything on the internet, then you're well aware that the early 2000s fashion aesthetic is back and it's better than ever before. With all the key nostalgic trends from that iconic time period bubbling back up, it's impossible not to be excited by their return, but considering the fact that it's been a while since I've personally dabbled with the decade, I needed to call in for backup. That brings me to this story here where I am highlighting all the fashion girls I turn to for the absolute best 2000s-inspired outfit ideas. 

Below you will likely see some familiar faces alongside a few more under-the-radar It girls I am admiring now. Each of them consistently gets 2000s-inspired dressing right, and I have all the pictures to prove it. Featuring an array of my favorite looks from each girl alongside a quick recap of how to shop their style, by the end of this story, you'll be feeling ten times more prepared for a season full of all the trendy aughts moments you can think of. 

Emma Chamberlain

Emma is the queen of laid-back early 2000s-inspired outfits. Be it a matching sweatsuit or the perfect cropped graphic tank top she found at a thrift store, this girl knows how to make those nostalgic pieces feel extremely fresh. 

Devin Arielle

Devin recently popped up on my radar thanks to our new Gen Z column, Gen Z Says, and I haven't stopped crushing on her since. When it comes to 2000s-inspired outfits, she really goes for it with head-to-toe looks featuring trucker hats, belly chains, looks I am confident J.Lo would have worn on the red carpet back in the day. 

2000s Outfits



Devon Carlson

Devon is a style icon for many reasons, but her 2000s aesthetic really is what helped to set her apart. Thanks largely in part to her next-level vintage shopping and thrifting skills, she has a closet filled with all the cult favorites from back in the day including Emilio Pucci heels, terrycloth tracksuits, and bedazzled miniskirts. 

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa could wear anything and I would be convinced it was officially the coolest item on the face of the earth. While I believe her style can't be confined to one specific aesthetic, when she goes for a 2000s-inspired look, she gets it right every time. She is no stranger to the baby tee, exposed G-strings, and of course, all the baggy denim to match. 

2000s Outfits



Lexie Jayy

If Lexie Jayy was around during the air time of Lizzie McGuire, she would have been a main character, hands down. Her bold take on some of the wildest early 2000s trends feels so fresh right now and is sure to spice up your Instagram feed with outfit ideas galore.  

2000s Outfits



Salem Mitchell

Last but not least, we have Salem. She's another fashion girl that has me eating out of the palm of her hand with her innovative looks that, of course, draw so much inspiration from the time period at hand. From her kitschy butterfly dresses to her more casual looks featuring crop tops and low-rise jeans, this girl knows how to win at early-2000s dressing.